Would you like a logo like this ?/Banner?


I am here today to ask people if they would help out a young beginner in gfx i can only do my work that i have created. cause im bad at most haha. yes i know this is completely massive but you can also see a preview at infernopool.com of what i made for him :slight_smile: and his pool the price per image is 0.005-0.01btc which converts to [0.0050 BTC: 286.8617 NEOS] and 0.0100 BTC: [573.7235 NEOS] these will help me be able to do it. other than that i cannot do it for free so if your interested pm me here or post in the thread OR alternatively you can find me at the neoscoin irc chan on freenode thank you all hope you will buy some art :smiley: !irc.freenode.net #neoscoin


Well i don’t know what other graphics you create however, this is nice.

However maybe show more demonstration work.


Thats all i can currently do atm cause i have to recover meh tools :\