What features would you like to see in upcoming versions?


I had an idea, not sure if it’s been done in the alt world yet. But essentially if I was to open my neos wallet, and go to send coin to another address. But instead of paste in a neos address, insert a bitcoin address, then the wallet some how recognizes that, and lets the user know “in order to send XXX amount of BTC to ADDRESSXYZ we will auto sell XXX neos on BITTREX(or whatever exchange) - Do you accept?”

Just a rough idea that I think would be useful - kind of a coingateway.net (which is no longer around I believe) feature built in, down the road I could see many applications of this, especially when a mobile wallet is launched. You see a qr code for bitcoin at a store, scan it, your wallet auto sells neos and sends it to the merchant. I guess we would need alot more volume for this to be possible though.


A chrome extension would also be cool


I think the coin has a lot of potential. I’d like to see these features:

  1. be able to stake at 4-5%. Effect: People will be interested in the coin for interest earned and people will hold it longer which helps to increase price.

  2. have the ability to seamlessly convert to make a btc payment to a merchant -ie: like vericoin does. This will increase use of the coin as it could be used anywhere btc can be used.

  3. have a mobile wallet with ability to use in an area where no internet is available…something like bitstake. This combined with the points above could attract the under banked or unbanked population…which is currently a huge % of the globe.

  1. It’s something we’ve been discussing
  2. Once a payment gateway with an API accepts us, I’m all over that. I can most definitely have that coded up within 30 minutes.
  3. That’s interesting and I’ll look into the details of it in my downtime

Aside from immediate network changes and economic restructuring (e.g.: PoS), if you can dream it, we can code it. It’s just a matter of working out the details.

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Speaking about the upcoming versions, is Neoscoin going to implement smart contracts as Ripple, Bytecoin, Burst?


Hi Guys!

Don’t have an idea if something like this is possible or if you would like it, so just take it as kind of brainstorming. First the idea, than my thoughts why I think something like that could be good.

I believe that one key-question for Crypto in general is, to find ways to make it less “cold”, more personal, easier to understand, more visible what’s happening and more intuitive. One day I explained to my father the base of the bitcoin-system. I showed him the blockchain and painted a little picture to make it understandable and compared it with a social-network. The point about it is, that Crypto contains some parts that are very complicated, very technical. Other parts are more simple and elegant than the current financial system for example (that most people never have understood). And I asked myself how will Crypto look like in some years… will we still look into a blockchain like we know it to check if a transaction is confirmed? I believe that there will be methods of visualization and also usefull features in it. More like the visualization of a social network than wallets as we know it. And the idea is (and again, no idea if possible now and possible for Neos) to make transactions visible in combination with base-infos about amount and time and so on.

Don’t know if this is known: http://gappleto97.github.io/visualizer/

From the github:

This is a project that utilizes Vivagraph.js and the Blockchain.info API to map out bitcoin transactions in real time.
It merges existing features from bits.coinlaunch.com and dailyblockchain.github.io, along with several original features to make a beautiful, useful mempool analyzer on the web.

If you scroll down you can see the legend. After some time and if you zoom out it looks very nice, but
it’s not too useful for now I think… But (and again, I don’t know if it would be possible), it could be useful if it would show my transactions in real time and maybe history since day one. Like my own little Neos-Universe that gives me base-informations and that would expand over time. After some time it would show not just transactions, it would show a social network.

To make a little brainstorming, just theoretically… Maybe imagine it this way: Jim installs his first Neos-Wallet, opens the “visualization-window”… and there is just one little “ball”. If he touches it with the cursor it shows his adress. Maybe he can mark and name it. Than he sends some Neos from Bittrex to that Adress, another little “ball” (Bittrex) pops up and he can watch the Neos flow from Bittrex to his Wallet. Than he sends some Neos to a donation adress for Neos, a little ball he named Syntaks to support development and so on. After some time it would give a nice overview about the transaction-hystory. It could look really beautiful if well designed, like a little Neos-Universe that expands and maybe with some nice features… zoom in and out, giving informations if you touch it with the cursor, showing single transactions of the past, showing balances and who is behind it… maybe with features to personalize it in some way regarding the informations it gives.

Theoretically there could be many opportunities I think, but I really don’t have an idea if it would be possible now in a technical way. Maybe it would need to much memory…?

To explain the idea behind and why I think something like that could be good: In Crypto, People always have to understand why something (a feature) is awesome or not. For Coders it’s passion, for user it’s often “cold technology” and they have to do research and to figure out to evaluate if something could be useful or not. And what most of us learned from Crypto: The majority buys the presentation, without much research, more or less nice designed graphics in the threads, roadmaps, promises, often enough with nearly nothing behind it. And the keypoint: They buy only if they answer the question “will others buy it?” with “yes”.
It’s 90% that question, 10% the question “is it real quality?”. And a feature that would be in best case a combination of nice design, showing dynamics that can be really beautiful, helping the “thinking about”… to make the network more visible and giving informations we now just see in lists, maybe give the opportuinity to customize informations and/or to personalize it, would be a nice combination I believe. It could attract in seconds, would need not much explanation, more the other way around… it would make visible and explain some dynamics those who are new to Crypto maybe don’t understand, lower the distance in the heads. That’s very important I think… to simplify the “thinking about”, the barriers in the heads because it looks to complicated for those who are new. And it’s mostly about those who are not yet in Crypto. Those who made Facebook big were not the same people who were already in the internet in the early 90s…

So… I didn’t want to write a book but it’s still hard for me to explain with little words what I think. It’s really just an idea and maybe it’s too early for something like that and too hard to develop, but maybe some day in the future.

Thanks to everybody who red the whole text. ^^

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  • iOS/Android apps
  • In-client bitcoin/litecoin/doge to Neos exchange