What features would you like to see in upcoming versions?


I’m sure that’s do-able. We can figure something out for it =)


I agree that a marketplace in the wallet isn’t the best idea. That would leave the devs partially responsible for the content, i.e., if it’s drugs, or a bad or counterfeit product, someone could say the devs are providing a marketplace for these things and can be blamed for it. It would require policing that no one is prepared to do.

What would be interesting is to create a web button plus a Firefox add-on for Neos. A merchant could have the button on their site, “Click to pay, price XXX NEOS.” A Firefox user with both a Neos wallet and the add-on could click on the button, and it would transfer the NEOS, fill out an order form with the buyer’s info, and provide a receipt for printing if desired.


since technically neos is a ‘web wallet’ and service that is something that could totally be done, it would just have to hook into the local web server running on

i also agree about the market place, however we do have some things in the works that will potentially be buyable from inside the wallet, an open marketplace tho would have to be something that is developed either in a p2p style, or some other style that washes the neos teams hands of liability


One-click wallet backup would be good good addition to the web interface


planned for (probably) the next release to have some various backup offline wallet options, i had started to put it into the design for this one but we realized that we would be just adding/changing too much for this release ;)… backing up/offline wallets/paper are a pretty big thing tho for sure


Some further ideas I had today:

  1. Neos Statistics Page: A live chart of blockchain transaction volumes over time would be fascinating (nice to watch it climb!) - Would it be at all possible to separate arbitrush transaction volumes from normal transactions + display separately on the same chart?

  2. Transparent auto-update system for wallet components/additions/bug fixes (this may actually already exist…)

  3. Free blockchain doughnuts for everyone :smiley:


1a) if you mean by charts and all sorts of goodies like that, planned, just didn’t make it into this release
1b) it wouldn’t be good to show arbitrush transactions :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. planned, tho some things can be updated without the need for updates on the clients wallet, syntaks’ goal is to make it the best wallet out there, so ease of updating is quite important

  2. syntaks ate them :frowning:


heh - yea, obviously don’t show arbitrush transactions :stuck_out_tongue: Would just be interesting to know what percentage of block-chain transactions are anonymous compared to the normal ones…


sent my ideas through irc. though they seem odd, but very usable in longterm. Syntaks knows it :smiley:

  1. I can see what can be done for that. yak’s right though we can’t go putting a yellow highlight over the arb tx’s =)

  2. Auto-updates are convenient but have their drawbacks too. Think about it this way, would you let microsoft auto-update your system without knowing what components were changing? I sure as heck wouldn’t.

  3. yak once again is right, I did eat all of the blockchain donuts. =(




I was thinking it would be important for user to see that an update is released, what it changes, and whether it’s important to update or not. simple as that. then a link to a thread to download new wallet. etc. That would be helpful to make sure everyone is on the new software and gets news at least


https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=835131.msg9365104#msg9365104 Is this something doable? or a stupid idea?


2fa? it was actually put into the v2 wallet but taken out just before, it will be put back in tho i believe, probably a few variations of 2fa as well


There is allot of backup anxiety that surrounds crypto, compounded by change address issues there are a large number of people who will end up loosing coins. “One touch” backup for Neos would be a real selling point, with some kind of backup manager/notification as to when its time to update your backup wallet file again. In short idiot proof backup facilities.


i couldnt agree more


Yep, and that’s exactly the reason it’s on its way =).

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Minor suggestion: How about adding a setting for users to set their local (the current hash rate graphs date/time are 5 hours behind for me in the UK)


Added into the system.


Instant transactions are one very important feature, and if you manage to make it faster than DRK, that would be a huge thing!


Paper wallets along with an easy way to back up and import wallets.