What features would you like to see in upcoming versions?


As it is there are some new features coming to the v2 wallet, but I’d like to see your guys/girls opinions on what you would think would be cool/useful to have in the wallet… If its in another wallet or if it hasn’t even been thought of yet let us know, and I bet we would be able to do it.

The goal is to make the most useful crypto currency wallet out there so everyones input is important.


Something for android.


so you mean an android wallet?


Can be wallet or VoIP


And iOS is possible, Or even a QR scanner so when a wider adaptation of NEOS becomes available, you can just scan and pay. For instance… if Pock.io or GYFT start to use NEOS, if we want to pay we need to do a manual transfer. Whereas both sites offer a QR scan to pay as well. Just one of those ease of use things, not going to save loads of time when you can just scan and pay.


I think a really great feature is an android app, that has a marketplace, so someone can sell a product for Neos if they want to, simply using their phone.

More importantly, not only could someone sell whatever they want, but then we create a place where people can spend their Neos on regular things, using nothing more than their smartphone.


a marketplace in an app is actually against the tos of ios, i believe android as well? (someone would have to confirm this as i am not 100% about the android tos)
the reason is, the companies want all the ‘purchases’ to run through their payment gateway.
the smartest thing to do as far as getting around something like that is to design a super nice mobile friendly ‘web app’, in my opinion.


I’m going to hold most of my fire until I see v2. Then I’ll surely have an audacious to-do list for v3!

One thing I thought about was PGP messaging built into the wallet. If I wanted to send you an Arbitrush payment with an encrypted message, it would fetch your public key from your wallet and send you the encrypted payment details along with any message I added. The message would be unencrypted and available for viewing in your wallet.


Two-Factor-Authentification, maybe Yubikey, would be great.
We live in a world of hacks! :wink:


its almost like you are psychic… wtf


yak’s right - these are things that are in my half-done list heh. One thing I can say is that the next release is going to completely go awol from the norm. I just have too many ideas and too little time.




I had 2fa working in v2 =) I dropped it because there’s a better way to do it and it will be done in the next release.




Okay… “better way to do it” sounds great!


I’m also for the marketplace idea. After all, we can’t forget the real reason for a currency. To buy stuff.


It sure does =) I can’t wait to launch V2 so I can get to work on the next release. While coding V2 I came up with so many different ideas that if I had the time I would have fleshed out. However, the upside is that this isn’t work to me it’s just what I love. Picture a kid on Christmas morning looking at his presents - that’s the look I have when I code.




The marketplace has been a thought in progress since day 1 really. The only issue with it is ensuring people don’t get screwed over. Haphazardly providing grounds for people to steal Neos from others isn’t something I want to do =). I bought neosmarket.com for a reason =).

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You sound like an artist! :wink:


I’m just a guy who believes in crypto and I’m wiling to give it all I’ve got to try to make a positive impact. Nothing special, nothing more.


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