What do YOU want to see next?


Well I know I may not be able to do all of the things that get brought up in this discussion but am more than willing to help, that being said there are going to be some updates for infernopool shortly for the miners that will hopefully increase profitability quite drastically. We’ve been added to shapeshift.io coinomi coinpayments and i think but cant confirm this purse.io. We also opened a web wallet over at http://wallet.infernopool.com/ So what I want to know is what YOU guys want to see next ! Electrum lite wallet is in the works and i’m almost positive Syntaks will have something planned to implement shapeshift into the wallet.

PLEASE SPEAK YOUR MIND ! Even if its something small you want to see in the next update !


Ability to send NEOS from a specific address!

EG: I have 1 wallet with 2 addresses. 1 address for personal NEOS, and 1 address for Donations (to give away for tips, faucet, etc). I want to pick what address to send NEOS from via web wallet.