What could this mean?


What do you think this could mean? :wink:


that you are neospoor???


Surely you didn’t sell all your lovely NEOS! Say it isn’t so! :open_mouth:


Didn’t sell them all lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Soon we will see neos on mobile… say it is so! :smiley:


I dont know :wink: hahah


I know you know and Twitter knows it as well :smiley:

Good morning folks =) Mobile development is in progress thanks to a determined and dedicated $neos supporter. #neoscoin #altcoin


Damn you got me ;p runs


My respects to the dedicated dev who is developing mobile Neos. None of this happens by accident, it happens thanks to concerned input and dedicated intent. It takes a concerned/committed community and dev for this kind of thing to materialize! Much thanks to both! :smile:


I managed to code neos into coinomi :slight_smile: that thus app will be :D!


Pretty cool. Great work. :sunny:


Your coding? Much appreciation dude and congratulations! Helps to show what can be done! :smile:


Coinomi, has altcoins already i thought i’d try and see if i could incorporate neos into coinomi and thus it did work :D!


Didn’t meet 20 character min, but still, awesome! :smile:


Great news! I noticed it was an android screenshot, but I didn’t put 2 and 2 together!

Way to go Hypermist!