Wallet Login Issues - Getting Redirect Loop Error


I downloaded the wallet a few weeks ago, and sent some coin over. The first issue was i could not send the coins back out of my wallet and kept getting logged out. Now I am getting the error

"This webpage has a redirect loop


when I try to open my wallet. How can I get my wallet back working?


Good morning,

First let me apologize for the inconvenience. We released a hard update several weeks back+ that addressed a bug found which had an impact on the entire system (it was updater related). To resolve this, shut Neos down, back up your wallet.dat somewhere safe, and install from the latest installer for your system. What system is this running on? We’ll get you all situated and running again - not to worry.

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I’m running on Windows 7. I’m not seeing how to back up my wallet from the Neos launcher.

I think the issue it my work computer is labeling the download as a virus. It must have deleted my files.


Ouch! Yes - that will definitely do it. If you’re running Malwarebytes or anything that quarantines, it removes a few files from Neos wrongly. We can’t even get them whitelisted unfortunately. Namely hstart.exe, neoscoind.exe and neosphp.exe are usually what’ll be removed. If you can verify that those exist or not that’d be really helpful.