Wallet balance clarification


I have one primary Neos address with all the coins I have. I just wanted to send 1 Neos to another address of mine, which I’ve found in Wallet>Receive tab. So I’ve sent it, it’s showing in transaction section, but the amount field is “0 sent”, and my wallet balance has been lowered by that 1 Neos I’ve sent to myself. I don’t know how can I exactly use that 1 Neos I’ve sent, why the wallet balance has been lowered by 1? Isn’t it supposed to show cumulative balance of every address I own?


Not a single reply so far. Question is simple. Please help. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay, it was an unusually long few days here and not typical around here to not receive a response in such a long time. The question to ask is if you’re on Neos 2.0.1b or not. Could you verify the block you’re at?




It says Neos v2.0.1 at the bottom, so I guess it’s not b. Thing is if there’s b version, it’s strange I don’t updated it because I follow it closely. Current block is 55036.


That is strange. Would you mind if I connected via teamviewer to take a look?


Very strange, now it says 2.0.1b … tried sending 1 NEOS to Bittrex, seems like it’s working. Doesn’t matter, probably everything is actually OK. Let’s wait for 2.0.2…


Sure, I just wanted to figure out the confusion and maybe put that inside of 2.0.2 whatever the cause was for it to clear it up. I’m here if you need anything though. Was coding the past few days in a row so I caught up on sleep for a bit but now I’m back at it.

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