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Hey folks,

It’s been some time that I know myself I’ve been quiet. A few members of the community have even said to me after coming around IRC and the forums after some time they thought Neos was basically dormant/dead/etc. In keeping with the true initiative of complete and utter transparency and to be as entirely honest as I believe one should be I’m creating this post to keep the community updated.

Neos will be turning a year old soon. As cliche as it sounds - it’s crazy just how fast time flies when you’re having fun. In the past 10 months now, I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to meet some of the greatest people. People that share our vision, aspirations and goals. We’ve gone from not many knowing our name, to gaining an incredible amount of exposure with barely any marketing as of yet. Why? I’d like to think the reason is our community is one of the strongest and most loyal you’ll have the pleasure of being a part of and that our team has not once strayed since the first day nor lost our energy. We’ve reached goals time and time again of acceptance through merchant gateways, exchanges, and the most important of all - providing those within this space a reliable, completely supported currency that they know they can count on.

When we had sought out to bring Neos from an idea to fruition, at the time I was the lead developer and administrator over at a fortune 500 and had basically had put aside finances for times when they would become necessary. Realizing that Neos would be more than just some full-time role I’d play, but more of a child to me I made the decision to leave my job and focus entirely on Neos. With the aforementioned finances I was put in a position that enabled me to do exactly what needed to be done. I invested a good amount into a cloud mining operation, some of which the community whom I’m closest with knows the name - which I won’t mention here as I wholeheartedly believe the sequence of events that have been reported are true and honest and progress along with damage control and back-owed coin have been surfacing. The goal here for me personally was not to profit to the point of excessive wealth but to maintain my daily role, activities and focus on Neos and nothing else. Throughout the past 10 months now, I’ve turned down freelance work and contract work. My obligation to the community, devotion and my sense of responsibility wouldn’t allow me to take that on. There have been many points over the course of time where if it had not been for some very generous and understanding people, I would not have the power or internet connection that I have right now. The past couple of months out of nothing other than necessity I’ve taken on some side work just to literally keep everything in my personal life afloat. Things have been pretty rough for some time.

With that being said, recent developments and news show that the mining operation that has been in question by many as far as its legitimacy - is making a recovery. With the size of it, I’m not surprised it has taken this long and I’m only hopeful that the progress maintains its speedy course. Things will hopefully start looking up. =) Once this takes place, we have been doing development work on the blockchain as well as discussing some modifications to the existing chain to improve Neos overall. This all will of course be brought into community discussion and based on feedback will or will not be committed. Before we turn a year old, I have several goals in mind and as usual - the community will all be a part of it and we’ll make those decisions together. I have a few surprises in store and once I can work the finances out, we can streamline everything and get back on track. We don’t have any large financial backers or investors, we have our community and our dedication to our cause. Some may call it a “grass roots effort” and that’s fine by me. I can tell you this much however, once things balance out here Neos is heading in a very interesting direction. The plan was always to provide a stable ecosystem and platform and then shift our focus to blockchain mechanics and new ideas. That plan hasn’t changed.

My gratitude and appreciation for the community goes without saying - only because there aren’t words that can express my feelings strongly enough. We’re still here and not going anywhere, and we’re glad you are too. The future of Neos is a bright one as we continue to build, grow and learn together.




Always good to hear your thoughts. Thanks for doing what you do.


Good stuff!

Really hope your mining venture pans out soon.


Great words and a good example for real transparency! I hope the coming months will be easier than the last ones. Regarding Neos itself, everybody who is following the project close, knows that there is much to be excited and optimistic.


Thumbs up dude! :slight_smile: (Yadda, yadda, yadda, 20 characters)


We came, we saw, we kicked it’s Ass! For a year old and virtually no marketing…Neos is a an oddity among all other coins, and I attribute that all to Syntaks, other contributors, and the community! We are going to go Miley Cyrus on all them other coins!


Oh God! Miley Cyrus? How about us allowing her to slip into the appropriate gutter and instead stand for a worthwhile coin? Nothing personal, but surely, NEOS is of far greater value than Miley Cyrus!


Oh no I totally agree, I was just trying to make a reference that we will be like a wrecking ball that very few assumed.
I should have just stuck with the Ghost Busters pop culture reference.


Thanks for update, looking forward to developments… I just have to say sometimes you have a bit stonger idealistic views. Regarding free advertisments for other altcoins on official Neoscoin twitter account… Pushing other coins is acceptable on your own personal Twitter account, but not on Neos, IMO… Ever saw Mercedes pushing Audi or something similar around? There’s a fight out there for the best altcoin to prevail, Neos has (almost) all qualities we need and while there are great other coins ot there, pushing them on official Neoscoin Twitter is kind of wrongdoing. Looks kind of ridiculous if you ask me, but that’s just my point of view.


Can’t be wrong to have good connections to those who have a similiar view about and making a good job in Crypto. And btw: It’s both ways. If you take a look at @VeryVeriViral (Vericoin-CM) for example … he tweeted several times nice words about Neos. Or TheMage from Litecoin. He tweets, posts and speaks in Interviews about Neos. It’s good to have legit guys on our side, even if their main-projects are not Neos.


Great insight Tempus! Sure, we all want to see good words and focus on NEOS, but coins that solidly support each other are good too. Positive viewpoints often help identify trustworthy players and there’s nothing wrong with more than one coin being a worthy effort! Andrew’s support for Syntaks and NEOS is valuable and I’m glad of it!