Twitter tip bot!


Hey guys just wanted to let you know that the Twitter tip bot is live now, Theres minimal features so far compared to the IRC tip bot but you can deposit tip and withdraw now. The withdrawal fees are the same as IRC which is 1 Neos. And i just wanted to post some examples of the commands here for everyone. It will also retweet anyone on twitter that uses the tags listed below the commands.

@InfoNeoscoin !balance then add your message

@InfoNeoscoin !neosaddress then add your message

@InfoNeoscoin !neostip @clark_alastair 10 then add your message

@InfoNeoscoin !neoswithdraw NNCaD9Sigk2rw9c7p3uRgrySLbZG1Et1HS then add your message

$neos, $Neos, $NEOS, #neoscoin, #Neoscoin, #NEOSCOIN


Well it seems i had to remove a few of the tags the bot was looking for. #Neos is quite popular in europe apparently. and most of the #Neos tags were returning dutch tweets ! sorry about that !