Tried installing 2.0.1b wallet patch and trouble


Win7 64bit: Previous install (1.0.0) went south (was able to fix it) and now this update has as well, at least I’ve been able to get the QT working, though with the blockchain in the roaming directory rather than in the target directory (need it in the target – could do that with manual patching in 1.0.0). Is there a new-install utility I can use with my old wallet.dat file and just delete the rest of the NEOS related stuff? (Part of the problem is Avast-Antivirus likes to disappear the NEOS QT executable files on sight and I haven’t found a way into the damned chest on the current version!) Main thing is the new QT is working with my old dat file following fresh blockchain load, so presumably I’m OK for the fork, but there’s no access via Firefox, original link no longer works, and it’s the wrong directory.


If you’d like I can get on there via teamviewer and take a look at what’s happening and get you all situated. It sounds like to me you just need a base 2.0.1 install done followed by a 2.0.1b patch and then some files moved into place. Let me know I’ll be available. =)

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I backed up the existing files with the working QT wallet (so I can get back to a working wallet) and started again with 2.0.1 install. It built the directories in the desired location, downloaded the blockchain and initialized the browser. So far so good, however when I shutdown the wallet via command, swap in my old wallet.dat for the new (data directory), start the wallet via command, the correct wallet contents doesn’t come up, it remains empty. What am I missing? (Until my wallet.dat data appears, I’m holding off on the patch.)


Shut down the wallet and then restarted the PC. When I started the wallet again I waited a little and tried to access it via the browser interface and wasn’t getting a connection, waited a little longer, retired and still no dice. Decided to roll back to my saved files, fired up the basic QT wallet again, came up immediately with the correct data and receive address. If there are some instructions somewhere on how to replace the wallet.dat file, I’m interested. Seem to be having trouble recovering from shutdown/reboot as well. Also wish Avast Antivirus didn’t like the NEOS QT wallet so much, soon as I fire it up Avast pounces and I still can’t find the way into it’s stinking chest. In order to copy in and activate a replacement, I have to shut down Avast’s shields.

By the way, when I enter the NEOS shutdown command, something doesn’t shut down. Nothing I can recognize as related to NEOS shows up in Task Manager, but it holds the NEOS folder open and interferes with system reboot.


If you look in your wallet folder (literally named wallet), there’s another inside of it named ‘include’. In there remove the following files please:

  1. dneos
  2. arb.php

Then try to restart the Neos services. These annoyances you’re experiencing others have as well but luckily it’s not consistent with every system. I’m coding a fix for this in 2.0.2. If the suggested steps don’t help, let me know and we’ll set up teamviewer and I’ll personally take a look and get you fixed up.

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^The above fix worked for me^!
And i had and 2.0.1 installed in the same roaming folder (smart move aight…)
so moved the 2.5k i had to Bittrex and gonna move them back tomorrow when i made a fresh install.


FWIW: I liked that the original “wallet” provided the QT wallet (convenient for a quick check, I keep it minimized on the Windows tool bar) and also the more powerful browser Dashboard. Unfortunately, from my perspective, the QT wallet is now in the dustbin with the browser dashboard reigning over all! Frankly, my preference would be to continue to have the QT wallet as an option still based on the selected directory, a common downloaded Blockchain, and with the wallet file shared and equally maintained by both implementations. To be sure, the improvements provided by the developed browser dashboard are valuable to many, but not to all at all times – the QT can be very convenient for casual access. I vote for being even handed!


After 2.0.2, there’s even more plans in the making. I’d love to hack the Qt a bit and make it even better. It’s not like tomorrow’s plans/today’s plans aren’t “code Neos” so it’s just a matter of time. =)