The state of the market concerning Neos


Yesterday I saw the V2 demonstration/screencast.

After that I did some tweaking.

Still don’t realy know what does what.

So maybe it’s better I’ll watch it again.



[quote=“infernoman, post:2, topic:187”]
To any $NEOS supporters STAY STRONG ! it seems @coinwarz has a bit of a problem with our coin on their charts. causing multipools to dump.[/quote]

How many multipools are actually mining Neos? I know the XPY pool is and I know our GetHashing pool is however GH isn’t auto-switching / auto-exchanging and those of us mining Neos typically hold. So looking at the network hashrate what other multipools are mining?

A pattern I see on the neos chart gives me the impression that there is stop orders in place. There is a trading window between which neos tends to jump with pretty dead accuracy. Usually those sell orders pop up when neos breaks through an upper resistance and the buy orders pop up when it breaks through the lower resistance. I’ve been trading those windows myself to accumulate neos but I can see them being used the other way around.


FWIW – I mine NEOS via both the Multipool and the Hamsterpool switcher, in both cases I hold. To be sure, some will sell, but that’s pretty much true for all coins, including BTC. I think the visibility provided by CoinWarz is a greater benefit than any modest volatility penalty. Participation is good!