The state of the market concerning Neos


Don’t worry, with this patch release we will make our presence very known.


Good to hear. I am long term on this still


It would be nice to know what are you working on, because except donuts i don’t have any idea what you are doing.
i am exagerating a bit, but i hope you don’t count on the 1 second load, or a list with 23 unknown items to revive this coin.
The lack of communication will kill this coin.
the website is still not updated with roadmap you promised 2 weeks ago,
the forums is inconsistent, there are 2 url ( and is it really hard to make a 302 redirect ?
the crypto world is merciless, there are plenty of good coins, good devs, and good projects. and in current world the best project in technical terms, are rarely the most succesfull and i am ,sure you are aware of that…
the next patch will be crucial for neos, don’t do ninja chaotic release like v2 wallet… you should hire a marketing guy >_<


Wow, you seem pretty critical of what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and pretty much everything going on here. What lack of communication? I’ve been updating along the way with what I’m working on. If you feel what I’m doing isn’t sufficient, well then I’m sorry but it’s the best I can do. The “roadmap” I said would come after this release. I’m not straying from pushing this release out just to type out a list of what’s coming after this release before this release itself isn’t even complete. I updated our links for the forum, some places have not and still have community as the host. I set up a cname for it just in case that were to occur. It’s not going to be a “ninja chaotic release”. There’s more in the works than being talked about because here we don’t just talk - we do. All in all, sorry if I’m not moving at a pace you’re happy with but I am here every damned day coding and doing what I can to push things out reasonably. Sorry we got screwed by coinwarz, but we did what we could to mitigate it and since then we’ve had improvement. The only way from here is up. Have any suggestions for a marketing person/firm?




You know, the more I’m involved in crypto, the less I like defined roadmaps. Yes, it’s nice to have an idea about what the plans for the future are, but at the same time by creating a roadmap a developer nearly sets him/herself up for failure. If a feature doesn’t work as intended and the idea is scrapped people claim scam left and right. Even if there is a delay from a projected completion time for a new project/feature people scream scam. Anyone following NEOS at this point should know that a roadmap is the last thing needed to forsee the future of this coin and what syntaks is going to do for it. I have no doubt that more and more phenomenal features will roll out. And you know what, I’m not going to keep asking “when will it be done?” or “why the delay?” Syntaks is going to do things the RIGHT way rather than throw an unfinished product out there just because of a “promised” release date. If there is a delay, so be it. That just means he’s fine-tuning things and making it all that much better.

Keep on keepin’ on syntaks. You’ve got some wonderful support, don’t let the fudders keep you down. Price most certainly does not determine the value.


Just my 2 cents but the market is flooded with altcoins that are basically worthless. Who needs another that just converts to btc. That’s why me and a few friends that see the true potential here are working on laying down infrastructure for neoscoin. We are working on quite a few projects including e commerce sites and payment processing. We are pretty busy in our day to day lives so I won’t bother giving an eta but I think we are doing fine for the moment. If we hold off promoting the coin till we have at least a few systems in place I think we will be received better and taken more serious.


That’s really amazing! Could you PM me some of what’s transpiring? Thanks a lot for taking that initiative. We’re really busting our backs here for the past several weeks and our team’s expanded. All in all though, the hard work will pay off for everyone I believe. We’ll just keep pushing regardless.




In my opinion the greatest weakness/error in Crypto (besides of all sorts of scams) came from Investor-Side: A lack of patience. Patience is the base and a psychological quality for technical quality. Impatience of Investors is direct and indirect pressure on all the good Dev-Teams out there. And they all have to react on that. Some try to rush out releases and we all know the results of that. Some, like the Neos-Team, “just” keep on working but I think it’s obvious that the pressure is not without effect on them as well. I think that would be impossible.

The point for me is: If I see a Team like the Neos-Team, with a Dev like Syntaks, who is focused on quality and transparency, who has the skills to deliver and who works with such diligence that my main concern is, that this could lead into burnout some day, I see 90% of mistakes in the “Crypto-Investor-Dynamic”. Too many don’t inform themselves well enough. Therefore they don’t recognize quality and longterm-potential. Thats why too many don’t have patience. It’s just unprofessional to look at the price and think: “Something must be wrong…”. Yes, there is something wrong. But in my eyes: Greed… and Hype and short-terme-thinking. I don’t get it, that ppl invest in Projects like betting in Las Vegas without a really deep research. They should read every line about a possible Investment and analyzing every information they find.

For me it’s really simple: If the Neos-Team keeps up with the great work, nobody who bought at 30k and still holds Neos will regret it. But everybody should inform oneself and there is no lack of transparency and no lack of communication and no lack of information. The good news is: Crypto is changing on Investor-Side as well. All the Scams and “Hype-Coins” burned many people. The next step for Crypto-Evolution is: Removing money and energy out of that, into professional Projects with honest and skilled Devs. In my eyes that will be a natural dynamic and it will be a very constant dynamic, even if not tomorrow or next week. All the scams and hype-Coins and Projects with manipulative Devs or Devs without the skills to deliver what they promise won’t survive this next step of “Crypto-Evolution”.


A road map can be helpful as long as it’s general enough not to be pre-selling things that are not done and may not come together for some yet unknown reason. Dangerous to effectively lock oneself into anything that can’t be 100% depended on. As pointed out, not good to provide people with ammunition, especially as it seems to be human nature to reach for a gun whenever your perceptions fail to come to fruition, it matters little if they were miss-perceptions.


Well said TrevorS. If features are already being worked on and are guaranteed to be released I think a generalized roadmap, or roadmap of features IN development is fine, but a roadmap of “ideas” is really what I was saying is bad form, and tends to lead one to shoot themselves in the foot.


yes… ‘ideas’ won’t happen, we’ve already had our design ripped off (poorly) by what? 3 different coins?


don’t get me wrong, i have a lot of neos and wish it to success. i have no intentions of fudding this coin.
but the fact is, the price and volume are really low, which indicate a low interest from investors.
Maybe you should try something simple, as announcing one new feature every fews days until the release, if people retweet enough - which i am sure they will -, it will create interest. After the release you do the same for next release and so on.
For long term it should be better to do that way too, because interest is constructed more gradually and not by peak.
what do you think all ?
If you aim mass adoption maybe you should do throw some neos to someone to create these kind of video (sorry to link other coin ipo promotionnal content <_<)
Or sponsor nascar car ahah (just kidding, but just want to point out the fact that with good marketing, a shit-copy-meme-coin like doge managed to have millions dollars market cap…)
Ambitious project can not be handled by one person alone, one can’t have time to do everything and one has not the skill to do everything. The neos community is pretty nice, lot people help you, maybe there is someone very good with all the marketing stuff, and willing to help.
I wish i could help more, but i have full time job, so i don’t have lot of time.


I didn’t get you wrong, it’s alright man. The next round of updates will be done correctly, thoroughly, and give the public a better understanding of how our time is spent. We wake up and go to sleep to Neos, literally. So, it’s not as if we’re not always in a thinktank to figure out what’s coming next or what can be improved. I’m really excited for the future not because of price but because we came up with some really cool features during this last sprint and what’s to come should make folks happy and be quite useful. We may be a smaller team, we may be grass rooted and we might not have all of the PR hype that other projects do. However, we’re working on our public exposure and introduction to new users and our firm belief in quality and honesty coupled with our devotion and passion for crypto and Neos will definitely set us aside from the rest. The trend lately seems to be if you’ve been following, these other “amazing projects” are being exposed for not their flaws, but their scams along with “devs” running away. We’ve been through some crazy market swings price-wise, a ton of backlash from certain groups of folks and then some but we haven’t taken even a day for a break from coding. Only because we love what we’re doing.




Some pool fool just dumped on Poloniex and tripled my Neos holdings :smiley:


You deserve it =). At this point I’m thinking it’s intentional, though. That’s alright we’ll keep on goin. =)




The price of BTC is rising, people are cashing into hold BTC in the hopes it sky-rockets to millions, their loss…


Neos poses the ability from day one as being the only not nerd useable coin out there. Look at the wallet. Even my wife my mother even has said they could use it and see the intrinsic value. Bitcoin and many other coins fail to do the most simple thing - make it user friendly. Do you want your user base to understand the intricacies of decentralized computing or have to download a 26gb file, or use a web based wallet in the wake of Mt. Gox thats the only publicity crypto as a whole as gained notarity for, never the less illegal money laundry, and drug traffic.
Bottom line is, Neos is a coin that can do much more than be a digital currency for nerds like us. It can be the coin that every one can use, including the ones without a degree/background in computer science, finance or what not.

Its important to remember that just because we get it, the world has to as well, with a dedicated dev and following thats what they want to do not continuously pander to the computer literate but bring it to the people as an alternative to what has become an obviously corrupt system that is more concerned in sustaining its self than the ones feeding it. Neos can do that by making it easier for the layman to adopt.

Neos is doing that, has been, and will continue to. Without a doubt in my mind and many of the people, friends, family, investors i know all agree. Troll and say all you want. It can not refute the fact that neos is the most user friendly coin out there, period.


Yeah i agree it has a very easy to use wallet interface very easy to understand you don’t have to be techy to understand it.

I was also observing the price rising yesterday for NEOS then it dropped a bit however there is steady increase across the exchanges can only be a good thing.


Ehmmm, eh…

I’m kinda noob here.

Does that make me a target?

So many questions…

Does anyone have some usefull info on how to start this right?

How do I know if my setting are correct? Or am I a total fool trying to mine or something?


Welcome, you’re not a target at all. Ask whatever you want to ask and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Best regards,