The Neos multipool is now run by infernoman


Hey folks,

I’m very pleased to announce that the Neos multipool ( as of today is being operated by infernoman. For those of you unfamiliar with infernoman - he has played and continues to play an invaluable role in Neos, selflessly dedicating the majority of his time to supporting and assisting Neos operations in any way that he can. Before now, I was maintaining it and to be quite frank - he’s a much better pool operator than I am and I have too much to do with the development of Neos to properly handle the multipool. I’m very confident that we will not only see increased profitability, but a more consistent payout schedule with infernoman taking the reigns. You can find infernoman on in #neoscoin or on Twitter at

Best regards,



Sounds like a great move guys, many thanks to Infernoman for his willingness to take it on!

Be well and best wishes both – Trevor