The marketing of NEOS


This is a sort of reply to the question of “Anyone seeing any scenario in which NEOScoin price rises”, as well as some thoughts on how to market NEOS.

So in terms of Marketing NEOS, I think the community plays a part, just as much as Syntaks + Team do in getting the word out. But tweeting, forums, and so on tends to be a very indirect method at times. What I think we need to do as a community is figure out and discuss where we would like to see NEOS be accepted and used as well as people in the crypto community who we can have a dialogue with and show them NEOS and get them talking about it.

For example, I would love to see NEOS be accepted at some of the gift card sites. Yes you can use Coingateway to make the conversion, but you lose out. I have tried and Syntaks tried another UK Card site this week without much luck, and to be honest a very bland reply as to why they wouldn’t take NEOS on board. So, one approach would be, to contact them in a very official manner, send them a press release for the newest release and open up a dialogue with them on what they look for when accepting a coin for payment. It’s no good saying NEOS is awesome and they should add it to their lists, you need to talk with them and come up with a solution. It could be a host of things, some of which might be fixable and others that are not. But the main goal, is to have that direct line in and talking with them. These relationships don’t happen overnight. It takes some caressing, but I think once you get one on board the others will follow.

That’s just one example. Others might be is making a list of who in the crypto community we’d like looking at and discussing NEOS on their platforms, and making contact with them. Again, it’s not as easy as saying hey take a look at NEOS and talk about it. But it’s understanding that person, what they’re about and finding that angle that would make them interested in looking in on NEOS and discussing it.

Sorry for my ramblings. But these are just a few thoughts. I personally think NEOS has many ‘hooks’ that make it an amazing coin to be involved in. No drama, no scandals, reachable team, harding working team, and so on. But we as a community need to put our heads together and discuss this and then put together professional looking press releases, or videos, or podcasts… whatever to put out to the masses.


This might be a dumb idea but you know how that anti-identity theft company owner made his social security public as a publicity stunt? What if some Neos was put in the new wallet as a challenge for someone to try and steal it?


The current system is functional but circumventable with the proper time and discovery put in. It’s more a “proof of concept” to get the community’s feedback before we finalize it and modify some of the methods. Once we finalize it, there won’t be a way to evade. I just didn’t want to force it on the community before I asked them.

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