Someone help me run my wallet?


I understand it’s local http server based wallet, right? I installed 64bit Linux wallet, seemed there are no problems with it. Also, I see neoscoind daemon running at port 15005, but nothing can be loaded from http://localhost:15005 … Most probably, solution is simple but I don’t know what should I do, someone help?


the webserver should be running at


Thanks! This kind of quick start manual should be readily available. I am fairly experienced user and I couldn’t find that essential information anywhere, so I think documentation support should be improved. It’s even good to state something like: “load your wallet at”, after “neos start” command.


i agree, in the windows version theres actually a shortcut that goes right to the web wallet, and once you are done installing it actually brings it up too, in the linux version i’m not sure how it works but the documentation does need improving (and will be improved), right now syntaks is mostly concerned with speed improvements as well as some minor bug fixes before we go into another round of polishing (including the documentation and user experience)/and adding new features

if you have any recommendations or issues with the wallet make sure you let us know


i’ve also added your comment into our tracker about it ‘just to have’