Should we re-activate the BTC Talk neos thread?


i think it needs to be re activated… forums help with hype and help new users to invest and use the coin. its really a must. can we as the community have some kind of vote on this? and your thoughts and feedback welcome.


short answer:
longer answer:
fuck nope


I have to say no as well. I think that the people that want to discuss NEOS will make their way to this forum. I think to many people will shit stir at BTC just because they can. I think as a community, we can build just as much ‘word of mouth’ momentum here and by smart use of Twitter and Social Media.


you said it slightly better than i did ;/


I don’t think that the existing threads should be unlocked, but if a new one is created by a supporting investor rather than a member of the NEOS team it could be good.


i believe there is already one (or more of those) but they won’t be touched by any official capacity.
unofficial things like that people are free to do whatever they want :stuck_out_tongue:


btw you should get better avatars :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm goood idea 99. you cant stop us. what you guys must realize is that btctalk is a huge advertiser, and by now having one it keeps neos in the quiet and no new investors/


read my post, we don’t care about unofficial things, unless of course there is an attempt to make it seem like its anything official, then we would obviously have it shut down by the btc admins.


so does your face…


NO from me. Only thing that NEOS needs is to promote this forum more on bitcointalk thread and on neos website as well. From my point of view, this forum is hard to reach for average person. But I believe that it will change soon.


i agree… bitcointalk is a dinosaur and gives absolutely no power to the people who have threads, this gives us the ability to do a lot, and also keep it under control properly.

the bitcoin talk threads should just point to here


I think that must be activated.If not create some signatures for Neos site and Neos forum.


ok, well it seems that everyone is in agreement for the most part. fuck bitcoin talk.
locking thread.