Programming advice- how would I do this?


This is a question for devs or anyone who knows what they’re doing about a NEOS project I’m considering.

It would start with a wallet, with 32 receive addresses in it.

As NEOS received by those addresses, I would like to have an application that detects that, does a simple arithmetic calculation, and updates some values on a simple one-page website.

After about a week, I would be sending most of the NEOS received to about half of the people who sent NEOS, so I would need to generate a report that shows what addresses sent how much to which address and when, and I need to format that info in such a way that I can plug it back into the wallet and send NEOS back to the people who will be receiving them.

What would be the best language or tool for doing this? The math and data formatting I could do in Fortran or TCL, because that’s how I already do such things, but is there a better way of transferring the information to and from the wallet and the web page that I can learn?


I’d say your best bet would be start with a jsonrpc library and hook directly into the wallet itself. You can find auth creds in neoscoin.conf. Once you grab the data you’re looking for, just spit it out in json format and then you can easily include it in a webpage or import it into anything capable of reading json.

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there are probably (most 100% likely) tcl modules already to interface with bitcoind which would work for neos as well