Price Speculation


nice, waiting for windows. Will it be today?


Just woke up to get back on top of it. I’ll post here when it’s ready and let everyone know. Sorry for the delay a friend of mine passed yesterday.

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oh dear, my condolences :frowning:


sorry to hear that. may he rest in peace.


yak look now you rconclusions


That makes no sense, what is rconclusions?


There are of course going to be people dumping. Some on purpose, others out of impatience or frustration.


syntaks. hehe dont blame people. trading is a very difficult thing. pumpndump groups, fud, your own fear. crypto trading is just as bad as stocks. it constantly fucks your brain :wink:


Maybe to do something for new investitors,we need more people to buy.With closed btct thread we are on right way.10k we are coming.
To the moon!
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Something needs to be done and quick! New investors will run a mile seeing a price fall by over half in a couple of days! Syntaks maybe needs to stop coding and rethink his strategy! Big declines like this are hard to come back from! The downward trend isn’t just a big dump either, it’s slow gradual decline and they are the worst! Need an announcement asap or investors and holders alike will run and all the hard work will be for nothing as coins regularly die after this sort of drop.
Come on syntaks, get the message out there what’s coming, I dont agree with hype but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Every other coin does! Can’t help thinking this whole BCT thread issue is damaging too! Maybe time to admit it was a bad call, listen to the community and move forward! One week ago this coin was looking hot! What happened?


i quite agree with you. but come on. this is not end of the world. price is down so what? it will be up and down againand again before the actual up. btctalk has to be done something. thats for sure. noobs dont even bother researching. usually most people hop in on moon chants. stupid but thats how it is.

For me it is end.I have all invest in neos and now we have price at 12k,buy orders on 12k for 2btc and sell for 7???Fucking do something.I have no money from ico


This is looking like a planned dump. I can’t control the prices man. What do you think I can do to increase them?


Open thread on one week,if open thread will not give results on price,then close thread forever if you wount.


its so funny how many of you are trying to literally threaten syntaks with the bitcoin talk thread… are you being paid to post on bitcoin talk? sure seems like it.

its simple, if you ‘invested’ money, you should perhaps try and protect that ‘investment’ as you call it by doing some leg work on your own by SUPPORTING, rather than bellyaching about a forum that thread that isn’t going to be opened, and the more you try and act like a bunch of hostage takers, the less respect you will get.


Yak,i think that you are payed for posting here and close threads.


All due respect yak, but it’s your attitude about this which is leaving people disgruntled! Is it really your place to be talking to people in such a manor? Not how a forum should be managed and a community grown!
There are traders here that have a lot of experience, and it seems a majority of those all are in agreement that a BCT thread would be massively beneficial. That may not be your view but when you reply with such comments of defiance and ignorance you alone are making this less and less of a community coin/forum and more of a dictatorship. Not a good look and like I said syntaks is doing a lot of good work on the coin but you are killing the community around it which will in time make all his hard work fruitless.
The most frustrating part is you are behaving like a petulant child and simply refuse to listen to the masses and yet you don’t even realise the harm you are doing.
Now you are saying you are losing respect for people posting their views! absolutely childish and ridiculous comment! I suggest you need to look up the attributes needed to moderate a community forum as you sir have to be one of the worst I’ve ever come across! This forum will end up empty and not used, please for the sake of this coin which has potential just listen to people instead of being rude to them!


thanks for the ‘respect’, but i’ve been on the internet longer than you’ve been alive. i can spot a troll from literally a million miles away, i also have (and still) run some very successful forums and community sites, which is to say, i am actually paid to be on the internet all the time, why? because i am good at what i do.

its completely safe for me to say that i have more experience in every aspect of the internet than the people crying about the bitcointalk thread closure being down have. i can say this with TOTAL confidence, if this ‘kills’ the community, its not the community that should be here… its that simple. if you don’t understand it, i’m sorry, but you are the problem.

the bitcointalk thread is not going to open again, ever, and you might not like it, but it doesn’t matter to me if you do or don’t, because the simple truth is you aren’t always going to get what you want in life, so you might as well start learning that now. so please stop acting like a ‘petulant child’ on here, if you want to “invest” in neos, do so with actions. if you feel that the bitcoin talk threatens the future of neos, dump your coins, and move on with your lives, because threatening isn’t going to work.

anyone who has talked to me, and who i have helped knows how helpful and nice i can be, but neither of you have earned nor deserve any respect from anyone, including syntaks for attempting to literally ‘shake him down’.

i’m on this forum for two reasons only. 1) to protect syntaks from people like you so he can continue to create a great product for the actual users (the ones who don’t give a flip about the bitciontalk forum) and 2) to help people who need help.