Price Speculation


What do you assume of the price after the launch of V2?
I am realistic but still optimistic that the price will be +100% to +150% in the first 2 days.
I might be a little biased since I am holding Neoscoin too. But I am holding many of other coins too :wink: so that’s not IT!

Anyways, I am looking for other trader’s input as well.


I’m not sure version 2 will do much for price, tho i don’t really speculate on price ever.
What we need with neos is more adoption, more users, more ‘champions’ of neos, once the word spreads more price will naturally increase.
However there are things in the development pipeline once v2 releases that 100% will help raise the price.
We should be able to announce some of those shortly after we launch v2.


Couldn’t agree more. The success of the coin, and the price will only go up as it becomes widely used. If we just rely on the price being affected by people buying and selling it, then it’s not going to do much. But I think wider adaption will be healthy for the coin.


yup, using it for things as well as trying to get more merchants/gateways on board is always nice… it seems that pock is interested possibly, so that is cool for you uk peoples :stuck_out_tongue:


what does that mean? I am curious :stuck_out_tongue:

#6 check it out ,they accept i think 15 crypto currencies to buy grift cards etc… in the UK :wink:


They are just Uk at the moment, but I believe they are looking at branching out into the EU. But they are similar to GYFT - where as you select a $ or £ amount and pay that in BTC or one of their selected coins. I feel it’s a great outlet for when you want to spend NEOS coin or any other coin they might accept. It’s one of those things that could possibly make NEOS more attractive to a new investor. Just as a side note, you need to use coin if you’re going to use GYFT or to pay as they don’t take NEOS… yet.


Some action in Bittrex again, always interesting to see


thats quite a large buy order at 19k…


yup, technically in the usa you could use gyft via coin gateway to purchase things via neos, or you could use to purchase things off of amazon via neos (using coin gateway)


Yak, I agree. I think you have the right ideas and understand what it really takes for a coin to become a REAL success instead of just a flash in the pan, and you have things you are working on, or have accomplished (coingateway), for Neos to do so.

I do think the price will rise with V2, at least I hope so, but this is second to the more important things I have stated above.

Great work, and Im happy to see someone on the team that understands what is important if Neos wants to be more than a typical pump and dump.

These are the things that create real growth that is sustained.

Keep up the great work!!!


I forgot about I need to look into that one as well as Brawker. Which you’d need coingateway to use as well. Brawker FAQ -

#13 is my affiliate if you care to use it :P… if not no biggie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks a lot Chris you know your support means a lot.


What do you think,how much can be price after all walets release and + mintpal.After 48h?


i bet it will either go up or down or stay about the same


Yak, if you don’t mind I would like to expand some more on that answer. I think some people will be happy about the price and some unhappy. There will also be some people who are indifferent to the matter altogether.

In seriousness, I think there are far too many factors that are unforeseen that will have impact the price. I think that even if people dump when they make a profit there will be those of us who swoop int o buy that up and hold it.


I think, there are too many Neos on Bittrex. V2 and Mintpal will probably help. It’s good that there is no pumping so far. Often I saw that pumping before adding on Mintpal led to dumping on Mintpal.


It’s harder for a dump to affect a coins price when it’s on two active markets, so i think mintpal will help long term


well… so far the linux wallet is the only wallet released for v2 and the price is now at almost 27k satoshi… so… draw your own conclusions