Please withdraw Neos on as soon as possible


I’ve requested that Neos be delisted from If anyone has any Neos there, I would recommend withdrawing it as soon as possible.

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Just curious – were they presenting a problem?


Not at all Ian for as long as I’ve known him has been great - but they’ve recently sold to Gaw. I’m not confident that once this transition of control takes place, it would be a good environment for the community to trade in. Above all - forget economics and so forth, the people in this community I consider my extended family and everyone’s best interest is always in mind.

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Yeah, I think I may understand your concern. Since mining a modest 40coin stake in XPY (all I could manage), asking a few newbie questions on HashTalk and poking around a little, I began to get the impression the XPY ecosystem mostly exists within the GAW ZenCloud, including the remarkable HashStakers that deliver a 350% per annum return, whereas wallet holders only get 5% (which is probably a perfectly reasonable number.) Since then, I found and started reading threads on BCT (which I’m still crunching through) and am looking forward to the one specifically discussing XPY.

My current thought is XPY may be OK (time will tell), but I’m distrustful of the XPY/ZenCloud thing and since it’s all GAW, I’ve become a little distrustful of them (him) as well. I noticed the XPY exchange (one and only) is Coin-Swap, kinda wondered if there might be a connection with your announcement.


That is the direct connection with my announcement. I’ve heard too many and have witnessed too many shady practices and poor customer support/feedback. I won’t subject the Neos community to that.


Good for you Syntaks – also, Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


I appreciate your insight here Syntaks!


Things are waxing interesting in Paycoin land (XPY):

EDIT: Further disgruntlement – appears a significant number of Alt coins on Coin-Swap, including Dogecoin, Litecoin and clearly NEOS, have requested de-listing. Also, seems something of a furor over the scheduled talk by GAW Josh at the Miami BTC Conference starting Jan 16: