OK gang, I think the situation serious, NEOS needs us!


Syntaks has learned that we need a total “vote” of 1000 in order to get NEOS on coinpayments.net. Fact is, we’ll each one of us benefit from the greater flexibility/desirability of a NEOS purchase portal. Trouble is, that benefit is going to require more BTC, more than we’ve already spent to “win” the vote, in other words, the vote is not yet closed.

How do we as a community get there? The way that makes sense to me is each of us contribute what we can to close the gap, trying to keep the burden spread as broadly as we can so as to keep it fair. It’s wonderful how obstacles can be whittled down if enough people are willing to pitch in!

1000 votes less 319 is 681 or .681 BTC. I find it hard to believe we can’t all pitch in and whittle that down to a sum each of us can take reasonably in stride (recognizing means, of course)! Let’s work this out with a will and make it happen. This is the opening that NEOS and we need for the next step in acceptance and success. Haven’t we been waiting long enough?

Very important you speak up – what are your thoughts?


count me in. I have yet more crap I will be selling to buy some votes and Neos with.


That’s great man! :smile:

What do you others think? Especially those of you who don’t normally post! If you consider yourself to be to any degree a NEOS supporter, then your input matters! Our goal both as a community and individually is surely to have NEOS succeed. The key to that is ultimately participation, and on growing scale! A sales portal provides the link between NEOS and the non-crypto world. Are you willing to help forge that link? What you have to say matters and we want to hear it! Are we to be stuck where we are? Or are we to be moving forward!

Syntaks is clearly a great dev and we’re lucky to have him, but it’s not just about him, it’s about us too! Who are we in this? What are we willing to do to make this work?



We really need to step up as a community. There needs to be more input. We all can’t just sit back and rely purely on the awesome development alone.


I’m very happy to announce we’re now supported on coinpayments.net!!! =)


YES!!! That’s great! :slight_smile:


To all of us – Coinpayments.net has announced that NEOS is the winner of a May 15 vote – we being the only winner! More than many thanks and much appreciation to those who voted with their BTC to make that happen. Well done, a critical milestone for all!


Let us continue to look for opportunities to help NEOS (and all of us) to achieve what’s possible! When such possibilities appear, please, let’s all of us come together to make them happen! It’s not about any one of us, it’s about all!