No waiting for blockchain to download?


So I noticed that from the second I start my NeosCoin wallet I have the fully up-to-date block chain at my disposal - I don’t have to sit here like a lemon waiting for all the previous blocks to download like with 99% of all other coins…

Does Neos implement elements of Electrum or some other clever method of of remote block serving perhaps?


Could be a number of reasons but we have quite a few seed nodes which are pretty fast. That and the blocks might not be monster-sized blocks because there haven’t been as many transactions out with Neos not being too well-known yet. The codebase is really nice and clean too though. We’ll see what happens around block 50k or so =).

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yea neos does sync very fast.
we don’t have an electrum wallet yet, its just that the seed nodes and such are very quick