Neoscoin Raffle!


Neoscoin Raffle for GoUrl !
10k Neos Total
1st place : 5000 Neos (~0.11 BTC)
2nd place : 3500 Neos (~0.077 BTC)
3rd place : 1500 Neos (~0.033 BTC)


0.001 BTC per ticket
All proceeds will be going directly towards the GoUrl Voting!
Minimum 23 tickets for the draw to happen ! Draw ends April 14th.
After voting please contact [email protected] with your transaction ID and Neos Address.
If the minimum amount is not met then all proceeds will be refunded.

Let's get Neos on GoUrl
Fistfuls of NEOS available to all! [Ended Apr 15]

This was a great idea AJ! The drawing will be in the same fashion as the last one. I’ll show the code live before I run it. The way it’ll work is each ticket purchased will count as 1 entry in the list of addresses that get shuffled. The more entries, the higher the probability to have yours chosen. 100% provably fair because well, I write the code and run it on the screencast including the list of entries. Good luck everyone and once again way to show what our community is made of!

Best regards,



All of the tickets are logged here if anyone would like to take a look.


Neato, just bought a few tickets! :slight_smile:


This is really great idea! I bought some tickets as well :slight_smile:


Did you email AJ also guys? I just want to make sure you get your tickets in there! Thanks a lot for the support!

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Sure did, and I see I’m on the spreadsheet!


Great just wanted to make sure! =)


I’ve sent AJ 1000 NEOS to add to the raffle award fund. The TXid is - a4705137d473a1b713cf4a5a0923b58288de69a9a3ad182392a67dcbec306eee


Hello everyone!

The video for the drawing has been posted here: Thank you again to everyone, Neos has been sent to the following winners:

NMRfF9oYqNcrBn7ji4BSjR9WN9ACutBQxY - 5000 Neos (txID: 418966958bfa6dee6eb3b75a6212a115ec7b6ebf1ba4d060560baefafc4c819f)
NWrfQNrZZQcRQw6qsHkcmWvyTJsMzHvHDu - 3500 Neos (txID: 2604add4a4c9461497296b6d8533723ec63803fddcf6407ae32d730969757f2f)
NZ6e7x66j4unzZWJYRnGdyFTmKMkx7zyWX - 1500 Neos (txID: 4f68c36569f1ad0795da4712630f5f68b8b55bd2343d2d4fbb75225d30fc2f59)

Again thank you to everyone for your effort and congratulations to the winners!

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Thanks, I won the 2nd prize (3500 NEOS) :smiley:


Well done RDX! Thanks for the support.


Congrats to the winners!!


Sweet 3rd place! That was fun, thanks!


glad to see everyone so happy with the results. i love being able to do things like this especially since all of the neos i gave away was paid for by the end of the raffle. if you guys are interested we could do more things like this in the community