NeosCoin definitely lacks quickstart manual!


First I had problem installing wallet (actually knowing from which http address is wallet served), now I don’t have a clue where can I find information on how to backup the wallet. Even Google search is not helping.

Maybe I even get to work and make something short but useful…

Thanks for all the goodies. This coin rocks.


hahah yes, the documentation does, for a better term ‘suck’ right now :)… sorry about that

backing up the wallet isn’t inside of the web wallet yet, but to do it from the commandline is very simple, you just have to stop the coin daemon, and then copy the wallet.dat file from neos/neos-data to wherever you would like.

backing up via the web interface is in the ‘shorter’ to-do list after this round of fixes


In Linux, the path to wallet.dat is ~/.neoscoin/wallet.dat



oh ok ;)… there you go :stuck_out_tongue: