NeosCoin @ Coingecko


Talked to Coingecko guys about featuring NeosCoin… Here’s what I just received:

"Neoscoin is live on CoinGecko! We also have Neoscoin price ticker widget:
Tell your community about the addition of Neoscoin onto CoinGecko! We would appreciate a link on your bitcointalk forum and/or website :slight_smile:



coolness… so i guess its kind of like a coinmarketcap alternative kind of?


No actually it’s not, still you have market cap information there too, but it’s only one parameter among many. CoinGecko is rating altcoins resvective to their social strength. They measure activity of developers in source code repositories, number of Reddit/Twitter/Facebook subscribers, stuff like that… That site is pure gem, very well developed + you can have your own altcoin dashboard with current prices, just sign up there…