Neoscoin BURN address'


Well it looks like one of our members has recently lost some of their coins. This is going to be the new thread regarding address’ that you lost ! So if you no longer have access to your address because you lost the wallet.dat or private key post it here ! You can check the address’ at



/me raises hand i was the one who lost the neos :frowning:


Major downer dude! I’m currently unable to access my original BTC wallet that contains 8.59 BTC, thanks to my so-far inability to recall my second password (that may not seem much to some, but to me, it’s six months of serious scrabbling) – “drag” doesn’t begin to express it. Be very careful about your passwords guys, losing access to your coin isn’t fun! :frowning:


NiHNH2KGiYt5m63PbUCTpC2ziTxGhdEn6S - 9.1k lost to accidental loss


sorry to hear. that ones a bit bigger of a loss. but still small compared to TrevorS. be safe everyone ! make sure to backup those wallets !


It seems TrevorS’s burn address has made it to the rich list. I added a bit of Neos to get it there. if ANYONE feels the need to burn some coins for WHATEVER reason.

Please send them to this address NiHNH2KGiYt5m63PbUCTpC2ziTxGhdEn6S

If you no longer have access to an address please post it here !


Wait what? Did Trevor lose coin?!


Yikes, did I accidentally burn some coin? It surely wasn’t intentional! The only spending I’ve done at all from my QT wallet was for the Bitcoin Rush show, and that got reversed in favor of Paypal.

I have lost other coin (specifically OSC when I transferred to a wallet address for which I’d foolishly discarded the private keys), but given I was just able to recover a healthy chunk of FFC (appeared to disappear in transit some three months ago), I thought I was now in good shape! If this isn’t a joke, then I’m going to have to locate the leak, my balance still appears about right!

PS. (“In good shape” outside of, that is, the BTC wallet I’m still locked out of! :frowning: )


Well make sure I just don’t want to see anyone lose coin. As far as BTC, would you like me to see what I can do about getting in there for you?

Best regards,



Thanks, but I’m afraid I’m on my own on the BTC, the wallet is at and it’s a 2FA password problem. Or perhaps I should say, a memory slip problem! :stuck_out_tongue: I may still get it, after all, the wallet is still there, can still open and deposit, just can’t withdraw! :frowning:

PS. Should probably mention, I’m no longer depositing to it (I may be dumb, but not that dumb) – after identifying the problem, I opened another for ongoing activity. That one, I can withdraw from! :smile:


My apologies this is the address i was referring to i thought that trevors mightve been the one that owned it.


Ouch :frowning: I hate to hear anyone lose anything let alone almost 10k