Neos welcomes Stoyvo as its new community manager!


It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce today that Stoyvo ( has taken the position of Community Manager here at Neos!

Some background on Stoyvo

He’s been involved in the crypto space for two years now, starting off with working on a few coins for fun until his understanding and faith in crypto completely developed and that’s when he started developing applications for it. One of his most well-known applications is CryptoGlance ( Aside from crypto, he’s been an active developer for as long as he can remember and brings incredible experience to the team in the areas of Java, C/C# and PHP.

We feel incredibly fortunate that he’s volunteered to take on this role as his vast knowledge will certainly benefit our community and the further development and growth of Neos. Stoyvo is always active on our IRC channel and can also be reached via email at: [email protected]. He will also be cleaning up external forum posts, one namely through the ‘twoturtles’ account on to mitigate any confusion remaining over the course of past announcement threads.

Welcome Stoyvo!

Best regards,



Good news! A guy who is also technically skilled seems to be a good choice! :smiley:


Absolutely I agree! =)


Woo! Excited to be part of the team!

Now, time to go impress the folks on BitcoinTalk…


Welcome aboard Stoyvo, or more to the point, thanks for choosing to engage! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help Stoyvo.

So what exactly will you be doing as a community manager? Any future plans, goals, or road maps you can share? Anything you need help with?


I don’t have much to share at the moment.

To start, I’m going to start cleaning up all the BitcoinTalk threads. Currently it’s very misleading for new users. We want to make the onboarding to Neos be as painless as possible, so this will be my first goal.


Sounds like a good start. Thanks much!