Neos V2 Linux bug status


Hey folks,

Feel free to post any bugs you find in Linux V2 since that’s the current release out for the moment and we’ll keep track of them and repair them followed by released patched files.

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Just a few minor issues I have noticed along the way - hope they help:

  1. Currency drop down box at the bottom of the page & the one on the settings page does not reflect the selected currency chosen after it has been set/saved. The currency conversion at the top of the page does however work as expected. (I’m using GBP)

2a) Messages sent to other users via the alias system (I sent to broketech) do not seem to be delivered (17 hours later still nothing)

2b) When I sent a message to broketech from the messaging system and it has not appeared in my Outbox

  1. Wallet block explorer search (address/block/transaction/etc) is missing? perhaps not a bug - but quite important to use that feature :slight_smile:

  2. The web-server is weirdly slow to respond for some reason - takes a good (averaged) 10 seconds to switch between Dash/Wallet/Explorer/Stats pages etc… (speedy clean/modern laptop hosting)


Thanks a lot for the feedback I’ll go through these in order:

1)  The bottom wasn't designed to change with the selection, just
the actual affected parts (the config and the conversion up top).  I
could add that it's not a big deal just more overhead code-wise I
felt could be left out.

2a)  Aliases aren't meant for messaging they're meant for receiving
funds.  I'll be working this into the next patch release though so
that they work for messaging as well.

2b)  See 2a

3)  It's not a bug, I just didn't put it in there.  However, I can
and will.  I just added it to my to-do list for the next patch

4)  That is odd.  Over here it's pretty quick for what it's worth. 
There's just a lot of data being loaded.  In the next full release,
I've come up with a solution to this.  

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One more critical reason for this - it’s loading network data from all of the exchanges periodically.