Neos v2.0.1 released, information and upgrade instructions


The story behind Neos and my foreword

Neos came to be after I watched new projects launch en masse daily only to disappear not long after. Either the developers abandoned the project after receiving ICO/IPO funds, pumped the market after being listed and dumped a pre-mine, or just sold everyone a bag of magic beans. My belief and faith in what crypto is, can and will be, extends far beyond the basic use of a medium for financial transactions. Crypto symbolizes something much more priceless - freedom. Freedom is a term often used to inspire, motivate and give hope but seldom is it something attainable. The technologies empowering crypto give us that proverbial extra inch of reach needed to take hold of our freedom. Too often and especially as of late, it’s being seen only by the greedy as a means to fatten their pockets while thinning out other people’s without regard for the impact it has upon those fallen to these scams and the overall image it paints of crypto in general. We’re here not to focus on market value, but those technologies and that freedom and bring it in its most honest and purest form to the community by any ability we possess.

What is Neos?

Neos is a first-of-its-kind crypto platform written from the ground up in PHP. Neos v1 was released on August 24, 2014 - 3 weeks ahead of the promised date set in the ICO due to community demand. With v1 came many features, a lot of community feedback and much room for improvement. On October 3, 2014, Neos v2.0 was released and our vision of what we wanted Neos to be came to fruition. Well after several weeks of hard work, I’m finally able to announce the release of Neos v2.0.1! The primary focal points of 2.0.1 were performance, improved anonymity, and community requests. There’s a lot to announce but first I’d like to provide some information for anyone viewing that may be new to Neos.

Some key features of Neos

In-wallet trading - One-click withdrawal and deposit, order history, buy and sell Neos at supported exchanges
Anonymous transactions - You can view how our system works in the diagram. It’s simple, effective and doesn’t require tokens or trust rings.
In-wallet messaging
Remote-wallet hosting support
Market data and overall stats
In-wallet pool stats including personal worker stats at our official pools
In-wallet block exploration
Configurable settings & much more

Neos technical specifications & General information

Multi-algorithm (your choice of algo): SHA-256, Blake-256, X11
Total coins: 21 Million (after the 21 million cap, a perpetual reward of 0.0625 remains per block to keep the chain moving)
Halving every: 210,000 blocks
Fair launch: Block 2 - 1001 the block reward was 0.1. Block 1002+ normal block reward
Block reward: 50 NEOS
Block time: 5 minutes
Tx fees: 0.00000001
Block confirmations: 120
Transaction confirmations: 6
Difficulty adjustment: per block (25% up, or down)
Launch date: 8/24/14 5PM EST
Coins offered during the ICO: 1,050,000.00


Exchanges supporting Neos: - - - - -
UTXNet - -

Active Neos mining pools can be found on

Some screenshots of Neos

Our Anonymous transaction system (code name: Arbitrush)


Press Interview - article - article - article -

Now we can get to the meat of the matter - the improvements/additions/changes in Neos 2.0.1

Performance - Load time is 80% faster in nearly all features and areas of Neos than in v2.0. You might have noticed while using v2.0 the delay in between clicks - that’s been trimmed down to nearly nothing. I rewrote many of the internal functions in effort to provide a better and much more responsive experience.

Proof of Transaction - No longer logged on any of the arbitrush nodes. PoT fragments are now logged locally only to your wallet if configured in the settings to log or overridden during an anonymous send. This means that proof of your send is no longer existent anywhere but in your local wallet - which eliminates the worry of records being kept by anyone other than you. You can now also selectively delete these fragments from your history.

In a real-world scenario:

  1. You pay anonymously for a product
  2. The provider claims they didn’t receive funds
  3. You provide the txIDs that prove they did
  4. You receive your product
  5. The transaction is complete and you can now remove any trace of it.

Security - “Remember my password” is no longer available for any forms that would prompt for any passphrase. Auto-complete is also disabled for security and privacy purposes.

Versioning - The version of Neos currently running now displays in the footer. In the event of an update, you will receive an alert in your inbox.

Exchange stats - these are now pulled from our own servers rather than directly from the exchange itself and auto-updated every 15 seconds. This helps improve the load of exchange rates and data compared to directly pulling from the API servers. In 2.0, by directly pulling from the exchange API servers we were relying on them to be fast and alive. With all Neos wallets contacting the exchanges, it placed that much more load on them and ultimately resulted in slower response.

Currency selection (community member request) - your current set local currency is now by default selected in the dropdown menu and settings - making it easier to change back to a previous currency for example where before the default was set to USD.

Alias registration - in 2.0, there wasn’t a check for a locked wallet which lead to a bug while trying to register an alias since it requires a fee of 15 Neos.

Transactions - incoming and outgoing transactions now auto-update on the dashboard, and in both sections of your wallet.

X11 and Blake hash format - these were improperly formatted in 2.0 and have been fixed in 2.0.1

Remote wallet host (community member request) - you now have the ability to separate your wallet interface from the actual Neos wallet by clicking on settings and updating the RPC host/username/password.

Linux neos control script modification (community member request) - Now the control script can process all arguments that the Neos daemon would instead of just stop or start. E.g.: neos getinfo

Block explorer display and performance - In 2.0, the blocks were displayed in reverse order starting at the genesis block rather than the most current and has been rectified. The speed of the block explorer is exponentially faster as well.

Block explorer search - You can now search by txID, address, or block number in the block explorer.

Messaging and aliases - Now you can send a message to someone by their alias. It’s not just for sending Neos anymore. This means you can send a message to ‘syntaks’, or ‘[email protected]’ and I’ll receive it.

Sell orders on Bittrex reversal - In 2.0 these were displayed incorrectly which has been corrected in 2.0.1

Datatables error/bug - In 2.0 if there wasn’t data to display, this would cause an annoying datatables error to pop up. This has been resolved in 2.0.1.

Neos News

I’m happy to also announce that the Neos team has grown and we’re lucky to now have on-board some very talented and committed people. The Neos team is comprised of:

syntaks - Team lead
yak - Creative lead
phark - Neos codebase & pools
buzz - Social/PR
broketech - Security, mining & pools
infernoman - Network, mining & pools
stoner19 - Qualitty assurance/beta testing
thahandyman - Reddit admin


The Neos team is excited to announce that we’re in the process of partnering with another team of crypto enthusiasts that share our same values, beliefs, and work ethic. Koinyx is an exchange that is built by the community and for the community, whose CEO is Andrew/The Mage, the Litecoin Association ambassador and a very highly respected member of the crypto community. Some highlights from their litecointalk thread are:

  • Koinyx is an exchange platform able to execute and handle a tremendous volume of coins per second.

  • Security, as with any good exchange, is top notch. Information and the general architecture has been compartmentalized and segregated as additional layers of protection to the standard security measures that any exchange needs to have.

  • Customer service - Koinyx expects nothing less than the best customer service for its customers. We go above and beyond what is necessary to ensure that you are happy with your experience with us!

  • Transparency - Koinyx plans to be the most transparent exchange as possible, with future plans to have external auditing to ensure proof of reserves.

They’re also planning on releasing additional features that as of now are undisclosed but should be well-received by the community. We’re looking forward to being a part of this project and expect only great things to come in the future!

You can read more about the Koinyx project here:
You can follow TheMage on Twitter for updates here:

The Neos Multipool

By popular community request, thanks to broketech and infernoman - the Neos multipool will be operational within a few days. We’ve been beta testing it and the results we’ve seen are fantastic. By providing a multipool, we’ll be enabling people to earn Neos while mining other algorithsm such as scrypt as well as provide an easier means to mine for Neos given the intentionally difficult nature of the current Neos difficulty algorithm.

What lies ahead for Neos 2.0.2?

Without giving away the farm here, I’ll go through a list of features and additions that will be seen in Neos 2.0.2:

Multi-send support in the Neos wallet
Multi-lingual installer
Address book management - edit/delete addresses
Adding the current difficulty in the dashboard next to each pool
Paper wallet generation
Wallet backups
Debug console window
Bulk address creation
Additional exchanges tradeable in the wallet
Cumulative balance worth

What’s currently still on the table for development

Our marketplace - buying/selling goods for Neos. Without falling back on the typical “Our ToS states we’re not responsible or liable for any exchanges resulting in loss”, I’d rather focus on figuring out a way to provide a marketplace that removes the potential for people to scam others.

A look ahead into our advertising approach

Typically I’ve always stated that Neos once the word passes around, should “sell itself” and if it’s not, I need to do a better job with the product I’m creating and releasing. However, the feedback in general related to Neos has been really overwhelming and humbling to say the least and I thank you all for that. With that being said, we’re in touch with several crypto news outlets and provide them with new information as soon as we have it available for public consumption. We plan on reaching out to a few external sources in the upcoming weeks to explore new possibilities for spreading the word. We also have obtained pricing from various financial magazines, newlets and websites and plan on executing campaigns with them. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites will also soon be showing Neos advertisements to bring awareness to people that might not be familiar with crypto or Neos. I’ve also been advised by some members of the community to reach out to certain crypto-related blogs and websites for articles and advertising options which I will be doing.

In closing

I’d like to thank everyone that’s supported Neos from the start and is currently supporting Neos. While we don’t pay much attention to the market price and just keep coding, we know that market value is important to members of our community. With that being said, even with the ferocious swings our community has stuck by us and in my opinion grown stronger and closer together. Neos as I’ve made it clear many times over is here for a purpose and that purpose is to provide an honest, quality crypto platform in a time where that’s pretty hard to find.

UPGRADE-ONLY Instructions (This is not a complete installation - just for existing Neos v2.0 wallets)

How to upgrade your current Neos 2.0 wallet to Neos 2.0.1:

For all Linux users:

  1. Download
  2. chmod 755
  3. sudo bash
  4. ./

That completes the upgrade process. Refresh your wallet and you should now see Neos v2.0.1 in the bottom bar.

For osX (Mavericks) users:

  1. Download
  2. Double-click Neos-v2.0.1-upgrade
  3. Refresh your wallet and you should now see Neos v2.0.1 in the bottom bar.

For Windows users:

  1. Download
  2. Double-click NeosV2.0.1-Upgrade.exe and complete the installation
  3. Refresh your wallet and you should now see Neos v2.0.1 in the bottom bar.


For Debian 32-bit Users:

  1. Download
  2. chmod 755
  3. sudo bash
  4. Type: ./ and hit Enter and wait for the process to complete
  5. Log out of root
  6. In a terminal type: neos start
  7. Open up in your browser of choice

For Debian 64-bit Users:

  1. Download
  2. chmod 755
  3. sudo bash
  4. Type: ./ and hit Enter and wait for the process to complete
  5. Log out of root
  6. In a terminal type: neos start
  7. Open up in your browser of choice

For Ubuntu 32-bit Users:

  1. Download
  2. chmod 755
  3. sudo bash
  4. Type: ./ and hit Enter and wait for the process to complete
  5. Log out of root
  6. In a terminal type: neos start
  7. Open up in your browser of choice

For Ubuntu 64-bit Users:

  1. Download
  2. chmod 755
  3. sudo bash
  4. Type: ./ and hit Enter and wait for the process to complete
  5. Log out of root
  6. In a terminal type: neos start
  7. Open up in your browser of choice

For osX (Mavericks) Users:

  1. Download
  2. Double-click NeosV2.0.1-osX-Setup.tar.gz
  3. Double-click NeosV2.0.1-osX-Setup
  4. Once the installer finishes, double-click “Neos” on your desktop

For Windows Users:

  1. Download
  2. Double-click Neos-V2.0.1-WinSetup.exe
  3. Make sure “Run Neos” is checked and click finish once the installer is done
  4. Your Neos wallet should now be displayed in your default browser

Some upcoming possible changes

Some members of the community have requested that instead of setting up Neos as services in Windows, have the processes run in a systray controller in minimized command consoles. We’ll be exploring this for a future release as an option made available.

Some caveats to be aware of that will be rectified in the next version

Not always, but sometimes after a brand new installation - when open the wallet in your browser the backend hasn’t finished initializing yet and may cause a blank page. Just refresh the page and it should now be displaying.

Due to Windows UAC (User Access Control) - you may have to run the installer as administrator to install the wallet and interface services. This only applies if you have enabled UAC. This is also something we’re addressing in the next release.

We really hope you enjoy Neos v2.0.1 and thank you for your support. If anyone is in need of assistance, we can help through the following methods:

  2. Clicking the support icon (question mark) and sending a message to support through your wallet
  3. Teamviewer
  4. Telephone
  5. E-mail

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We appreciate your support and we’re looking forward to a long relationship and standing presence in crypto.


The Neos Team


How about updating from version 1.0 to the latest?

My suggestion is a single step upgrade from any previous revision to the latest!


Morning Trevor =)

  As of now we have the how-to for upgrading from v1 -> v2.  It applies to v2.0.1 as well =).  I would just suggest the v2.0 step first though just to ensure it's smooth.

 Best regards,



How do I run Neos after the installation?

I can’t find the executive file


the executable? for what os.



I ran the wallet after installation fine

Then later on I can’t open it because there is no “run-neos” file

restart neos doesn’t help


Did you run the Qt or the service?

 Best regards,



I want to run the service not the Qt wallet

Which file do I have to open to run the service after I closed it for the first time?


If you click control panel, then administrative tools, then services - you should see Neos UI and Neos Wallet there. Right-click, then click start and they should come up for you. Then visit in your browser and let me know if that does the trick. =)

 Best regards,



Thanks, that worked!

It also picked up my old wallet where I kept my neos safe, so thats terrific :smile:


Fantastic! =) In the next release the Windows services won’t be an issue.

 Best regards,




This fix worked for my problem, but I have to do it every time I restart my computer. It’s not a huge deal, but I’m wondering if it’s somehow related to my online wallet syncing very slowly. Also, my version number will sometimes be 2.0.1 and if I refresh it changes to 2.0.1b. Any suggestions?



First my apologies for the pain with services - it’s due to UAC on some Windows installs and we’ve rectified that in 2.0.2. The slow sync could be due to a number of reasons unrelated directly to Neos, and I’d be more than happy to check your system out at the time you try to sync/start Neos to watch what could be impacting it. As far as it refreshing to 2.0.1b that’s intentionally done by me as 2.0.1b was just a patch release and I put it there so when someone needed support it was for me to know they were on version ‘b’ rather than the initial release. Just let me know if there’s anything you need help with and I’ll do my best.

Best regards,



Thanks for the response. There might be more to my problem than I thought. A transaction occurring at around block 45300 has not made it to my wallet and my wallet is around 46395. I moved the coinage from bittrex to my web wallet after I had done the update. Hoping I didn’t mess up the update and send my coins into oblivion.



Have the coins shown up yet?


No, it’s been a few weeks since I tried to send them. I just didn’t want to bother anyone over the Holidays about it. I know you are busy with 2.0.2 so no rush.



Greetings, everyone!

I was using wallet v1 until now. Today I downloaded v2.0.1 for Windows and installed it with admin previledges.
Everything went fine and the wallet launched in browser. However it says my NEOS balance is zero. I’m pretty sure I had a few thousand there.

I have a backup of the old wallet but don’t know how to recover it with version 2.0.1

What should I do to recover my NEOS?
Thanks in advance.



Hey RDX,

If you’d like I can teamview in at any time today and handle the upgrade for you, just let me know.

Best regards,



Hey, thanks syntaks! Its not everyday when I see a developer reaching out to individual users to help them out to resolve issues!

I was able to just replace the wallet file at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Neos\neos-data” and it worked.


It’s my pleasure, I’m just glad it’s been resolved. If you need anything else don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,