Neos spot on the Bitcoin Rush show


It seems as thought some “fans” in the crypto space who have louder voices when it comes to marketing are trying to follow Neos’ lead and basically hang on every word I post about an upcoming feature. For those reasons, I’m reverting back to my old methods of developing and then releasing instead of previews and releasing. It’s exactly the reason I never put out “road maps”. It’s pretty low if you ask me, but now that I have confirmation of what I thought was the case - I can handle it.


I understand your point of view and on one side you’re certainly right. But I think, there is also another side. First… it’s impossible to avoid copy-cats after a release. Great ideas and quality will be copied. Second: I’m not so sure that it is the best way to be more defensive if there are louder voices. Maybe it’s more about we need louder voices. I absolutely don’t mean you. You do it all right. But we as a community should be more public, active, and more organized. There is a lot unused potential.

We mainly use the IRC, but it’s not visible for potential newcomers. In my opinion, BCT has more potential then most ppl believe. There are a lot of Threads where we can talk about Neos without spamming. Threads like “Best altcoin to invest in 2015”, Threads about Developers, Threads about longterm-projects and so on. And the Neos-Thread of course. Sometimes I made Screenshots of the Views of the Neos-Thread in BCT. It has a lot of clicks in a short time when it is above. I think we reach more new people about the thread, just to be recognized, than Twitter. But the thread is not very active. And again: I mean the community, not you. You’re always posting the news and responding if anybody has questions. But all community-talking about Neos is mainly “hidden” in the IRC.

Sometimes I think, that Neos could seem like a private-meeting without much intention to be more public.

Regarding release: I think it was all right with 2.1. You made a preview and then you released. The main thing in my eyes is really that we as a community have to spread the word before and after a release. You give us the material to post and twitter about it and you already do it! But the reaction on it is not that optimal it could be. And… Neos doesn’t have to fear copy-cats if we (community) make clear what is quality and what is not. Even FUD can turned in gaining attention if there are adequate and smart reactions on it. But… out of the community. It’s not a work that Devs should have to do.

I often post about Neos and some others do it as well, but it would be good if community-members would supporting each other more. Honestly said… Sometimes I was a little disappointed, for example:;topicseen

18 votes for Neos. We have about 50 ppl in the IRC… or our new Community-Manager: 12 Followers on Twitter. I don’t understand that to be honest. I really don’t mean it that critical like this post could seem. I really like the Neos-Community. I just think… it seems they’re are mainly waiting for the big PR and marketing but it wouldn’t be hard to be more PR-efficient ourselves.


It’s an on-going improvement. I do agree that we’re not doing well with our public outreach, but this is being worked on.

First, we need to simplify things. Our main target forum wise is BitcoinTalk. There are a ton of trolls on the forum, but searching google for crypto-currency information always leads to BitcoinTalk. That’s my first area of focus, especially the NEOS threads, they need to be straight to the point, detailed information will be available here on the forums for those who want it.

Second, we need to create some involvement. For example, we don’t have many faucets. We have one and it was offline the last time I checked. If we can build platforms that are useful and boost neos trading activity, the neos publicity will start driving itself.

There are many things we can do, we just can’t do them all at once, especially when most of us still have our day-jobs to deal with + family (Not that it’s an issue… we just can’t deliver as fast as we’d like).

Btw, your new Community-Manager has a few more followers than 12 (Twitter) :wink:


First… Syntaks, I saw your response on me in the channel but a little late and I couldn’t answer because of some time-pressure.

Stoyvo: What I wrote about the Twitter-Account wasn’t meant in any way critial adressed to you. I hope you didn’t understand it that way. But I know that you know that I know that since you’re our Community-Manager you have another account, related to Neos. And if I’m critical, than adressed to those who are part of the community, but just watching and waiting for others to do what they want to see instead of helping with simple things (votes, post, re-/tweets, donations etc.).

But under the line it’s no critic but more like a call for more activity out of the community. I know there are very supportive guys, helping Syntaks with their abilities, feedback, ideas, testing and so on. I know that there is a lot going on behind the curtain.

I mostly talk about guys like myself, without much tech-knowledge. We can only help with spreading the word, votes, donations. And that’s a question of quantity. One post about Neos in a thread like „best coin to invest…“ is nearly nothing. 30 would have impact. 1 donation would be wasted money, 50 donations would make a real difference, 1 vote seems sad, 50 votes would get attention, same about Re/tweets. And the potential for it is there. Syntaks has nearly 1000 Followers. If 10% would be really active it would lead to a natural growing and changing dynamic.

And I know you’re right that it’s an ongoing improvement. I’m not pessimistic, I’m optimistic. I see Neos as a potential win-win-situation, because of it’s qualities in m/any ways. The Neos-Team makes sure one side, but to make Neos to a „win-win“, a more active community is an important requirement. I saw in BCT that there is the opinion „Neos is great, but they don’t have any marketing“. But even professional marketing would be no marketing if it wouldn’t lead into a growing and collective dynamic that attaches the base.

Sometimes I read in hashtalk, watching the XPY-drama. And there is much to learn about the crypto-community in general, because the XPY-community stands for the crypto-community in general. It may be sad but I think that’s a fact. In the case of XPY, the „Devs“ and XPY itself is the weak part - to say it friendly. The community is maybe mostly ignorant, some would say stupid, they don’t want to face the truth and so on. But they’re very loyal and active, even in hard times. It’s out of some desperation but XPY would be nearly 1000 sat if they wouldn’t be such active. With other words: The XPY-price is a completely psychological result.

In Neos, ppl like that would have really(!) good reasons for being loyal and excited about a project. And we could say: „It’s their own fault if they are too stupid to recognize whats worth it and throwing their money in a black whole like XPY or all the other scams.“ But they do it because they’re following. What do they follow? Greed, yes. But in a psychological way every individual is following the shown self-confidence of a collective. That’s like a magnet to others.

What I want to say with that: Neos, how it is, is represented by individuals, mainly Syntaks. And what we see is that it attaches individuals who are smart enough to take a deeper look into it. If we find ways to represent Neos as a collective, we would speak to a collective. In my eyes that would be the next step. But to attach the collective we need more simplicity and quantity. A collective will never care about the deep details. They get attached about simple messages and design and they focus on others. And also the price, but the price would change automatically. It’s mainly „If so many are claiming it’s good it must be good.“ And the good thing: We don’t have to lie about Neos to say that.

And I’m very glad that we now have a community-manager and I agree with all what you say above. BCT is maybe a Troll-Universe but it’s still the place with the highest potential to get more attention. Many think it’s more about Twitter and it’s also important, but I know for myself: I follow hashtags (mainly $Neos), I rarely watch the Tweets of all others I’m following. Twitter reaches mostly those who are already in. That would change if there would be more Tweets and Retweets what is also something we can do better as a community.

Under the line I think, like you said above: The access to Neos and informations about it should be simplified and we just need a higher quantity in representing Neos. I don’t think it’s too hard and Neos is at the right point. The last months since the beginning maybe would have been too early to be louder about it. But since 2.1 Neos has a branding: Security. Also the branding Quality. We just have to remove the „under-the-radar-branding“. :wink:

Best regards,


So I was wondering, will Syntaks be interviewed on the show, or will Neos just be discussed?

Also, I just saw this tweet from bitcoin rush

Does anyone know if David Seaman will actually be on the show? If so that is very exciting!

I heard him on the JRE podcast a few times and I’m sure he will bring some extra views to the show.


I won’t be interviewed personally, just providing info about Neos that he can relay to his viewers. David Seaman will actually be speaking as far as I know as that’s what his Open Minute is about. Pretty cool stuff =)


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share the link with you all and give you all a huge THANK YOU for making this happen. The show can be viewed here:




Enjoyed the show Syntaks, the guy seems a real card! Good job on the presentation – now we just need to come through with the promised payment portal! :slight_smile: