Neos spot on the Bitcoin Rush show


Hey folks

I’ve spoken with the Bitcoin Rush and he’s told me it would be $100 to get a spot on the show. He has at the time of writing this up 3738 subscribers to his channel on YouTube and an example of his work can be viewed at if you’re not familiar with it already. It would be at current market rate about 18k Neos. I’ve created an address for anyone who’d like to send Neos to it for these purposes and added 2k Neos to it myself.

The address to send Neos to for this goal is: NjDsVpQsUbrtReRLkdGiYf3N2FsF1HWtAo

Once we have reached 18k I will send it to him and post the txID here. Having an extra near-4k eyes on Neos would be a really good thing - not to mention a new audience.

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TXID - 2462c7bbf2609b6b59d8aade158823c95ce5d88ec88b48e29025292979d33948

2000 NEOS on their way.


2000 Neos: 1dc3b517a6d1b8d57ea4c5cdb99cc862e25f4af6ba96740422f19878471f4dad


Fantastic! =) Thanks Joe and Tempus!


Sweet! Here’s another 2k.


Thanks a lot Sovereign! We would be featured on next week’s show (Friday I believe it is).


Hi Syntaks,

PM me a Paypal address and amount and I’ll cover the balance of the $100!


That’s really generous of you Trevor, but we’re half-way there already almost. We have a total of 8k Neos towards it, so we’d only need another $52/$53 or so. Let me contact him and see if he’ll take half Neos and half Paypal!

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Tell me how much and where and it’s done. I’m OK with sending you the cash if you will intermediate the NEOS!


I’m just waiting on the Bitcoin Rush gentleman to confirm he’ll accept PayPal so you can send it to him directly. The rest would be paid in the Neos already sent to NjDsVpQsUbrtReRLkdGiYf3N2FsF1HWtAo Thanks a lot again Trevor! =)


My small contribution in recognition of your efforts, the coin, and the community, let’s get this thing in the bag!

PS. We collectively need to accomplish the GoUrl bid as well. People with mining hardware, are you listening?


Update: I contacted BR and he’s on the road. Once he’s back he’ll create his Neos wallet and send me the paypal information. Then I’ll be putting together information for him to use for the show. Is there any info or particular features/parts of Neos anyone feels should be particularly stressed (over others or just in general)? You guys really are the best community anyone could ask to be a part of. This wouldn’t even be happening if it weren’t for the way everyone came together to work towards this. If nothing else proves it, this goes to show that when we work together as a community there’s nothing in our way. We can accomplish whatever we set our sights on.

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Unfortunately, he’s just responded saying PayPal is an issue. Thanks for trying though Trevor!


I think one main area to stress is the community involvement and how NEOS looks today compared to the first wallet is as much a creation of Syntaks but input from the community. I think community is key and the security features.


Well, darn! :frowning:

Still, if there’s no way to use Paypal to cover the balance, guess I’ll just have to settle for a 2000 NEOS contribution – courtesy of my USB miner colony!



I can send those back Trevor, he responded last night with a paypal address! =) Where should I send them to? I’ll message you the paypal address in a moment


That’s great news! I’m replying via PM!


Payment sent! Just received my Paypal receipt, can forward it to you if you like.

Transaction ID: 4PK77883JN127425U


Alright folks! I just sent the 8k Neos over to BitcoinRush, txID: 569f0d81a90b252371e9ab7c5e8c813ee533c375c0892124c982bb824ded2866 - so that with Trevor’s generous PayPal contribution of $55 we’re on! If anyone has any other suggestions or input on what should be included in the show or emphasized please let me know as he needs it all before Tuesday. Again, thanks for all coming together to make this possible!

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Great! That was fast. I would like to see the obvious: Focus on Neos-Security, usability, the general quality and steadily progress of Neos. Maybe something about what will come in the future.