Neos release ETA?


Hey guys, just wondering when neos will be released? can we get an ETA from syntaks? its today from what i hear? anyone know any more news?


Latest update from syntaks today was that coding was complete for v2 and he is now working on writing the installers. Getting very close!!


if everything goes as planned… i think possibly tonight.
he was just testing the install on linux, should be testing the installer on windows in a few hours
then a few people will be testing each of them on different systems just to make sure there arent any major glitches…
if not tonight than i would think tomorrow.


that is, unless there is a major glitch that we missed… but i don’t think there is, syntaks has been testing it quite a lot through the development


Debian 64-bit install works flawlessly, setting up 32-bit now. Following that osX (mavericks+mountain lion) and finally Windows.


Is there a beta release or not yet? I have a mac mavericks and mountain lion, would love to try out :smiley:


It’ll all be released at the same time just to be fair =)


Will be released today?


Yessir it should be provided all goes well with testing. So far, so good =).