Neos needs the community's help


Hi folks,

I’ve hesitated to write this post for a bit over a week or so now while trying to rectify the situation, but after speaking with some of the members of the community and phark I’ve gone ahead with it. The cause for the existing Neos issues are related to Zend which is what Neos relies on for all wallet files. The cost of the license is $600 annually, and while our funds initially enabled this - it’s well-over a year now and unfortunately we do not have the funds at the moment. I’ve been trying to gather contract work (side development work for other projects) to support not only myself, but Neos as well and lately between trying to make personal bills balanced neither I nor phark have had the means necessary to expense this. At the current price of BTC we would need roughly 2.23 BTC and the existing issues would disappear immediately. The first sign of these issues after some investigation, Zend was generous enough to extend our license and give me the opportunity to raise these funds (and still has been in communication with me). Our extension has unfortunately run out however. This past year in light of the LTCGear scam really had an impact on my personal and business life. It’s been rough trying to recover and not without expense along the way in the form of loans. If anyone has a few satoshis available, I know I and the rest of the community would be eternally grateful if they could send them over to: 1hADQe4XbNDs6nfAeB134BaSij9qbmY3Q Once we receive the amount necessary, I’ll convert the BTC to fiat and renew the Zend license, as well as post a screenshot of the receipt. It’s with a very heavy heart that I even write this post, but in order to preserve the stability of Neos I must, and Neos and the community comes before my pride.



Neoscoin balance 0

I can’t give as much as I would like to, but… hope that many others will give some, too! So… Folks, it’s about Neos! Shouldn’t be necessary to say more! :wink:



Thanks a lot tempus! We’ve received 0.05 from another person who hasn’t spoken up - but we appreciate it all just the same.


Thanks syntaks! I’m sure Neoscoin will shine! :smile:

Did my part: 0.11 BTC


Thank you pyc! We’ll get there!


A huge thank you to SorrowFox for bringing us that much closer. We’re now roughly 0.91 away from where we need to be!




I can promise I will donate last 0.1 BTC if needed…


I pushed her up to 2 bitcoin :slight_smile: easy from here :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will get in touch with our Zend sales rep in the morning and get everything situated!

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any news about? we need that lient functional :slight_smile:


I didn’t receive an email back yet from them over the weekend. I’m going to call them tomorrow if I don’t get one back by end of business.


In the future, will there be a way we can do without a service like zend so we do not have another issue like this?


Any word back yet on your communication Syntaks?


I called them yesterday and they said they’d escalate to the original person I was in touch with. I haven’t heard back from him yet. AltxF4 - short answer: yes. Long answer - it’s going to take some refactoring of the system which we’ve already been planning for the next release.


any updates on this?


Not very encouraging to not hear anything for 3 weeks.


Sorry snots, we’ve been on IRC mainly. I mailed Zend…again, and I’m waiting (beyond patiently) for a response. During the interim, phark has put up a Qt which can be downloaded from Just let me know if you need any help or have any questions about it. I’m on top of this daily, so it’s definitely not just something that’s been forgotten and ignored.

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Hi. My balance is showing as zero. I haven’t been able to send them anywhere. I’m on a Mac and have no idea how to use the Qt link above or if it even works on Mac.

What is wrong with the normal wallet?


What can I say, I didn’t believe web wallet won’t be fixed by 2016, really… and donations for zend license are gone and we don’t have license?


I understand Syntaks and the rest are mostly on IRC, but its just a chat platform right? What about news and updates on Neos and the current status and or progress of its issues and and success? Is there another outlet for this I’m missing? The official forum was used for this, but it seems to be abandoned.