Neos and the future


Hello everyone,

When Neos was first created, our vision was to bring something reliable, honest, useful and respectable into the world of crypto. Our focus was never and will never be market value over technical and community value. I’ve mentioned it several times over the course of announcements that regardless of the price, we’ll still be here coding. That hasn’t changed from day one and never will. We don’t do this for financial gain, we do it because we love what crypto stands for, what it is, and what it can be. In the interest of preserving the presence of Neos, we’ve consulted with numerous members of the community to obtain feedback and understand Neos usage and where our stronger points are as well as weaker points.

When the topic of arbitrush was brought up, the general consensus was “it’s cool, but I don’t use it”. When the question was asked “Well what would you like to see in Neos then?” the answer was almost unanimously merchant features/usability with merchants and commerce, etc. So with that being said, 2.0.2 will contain many new features that are more geared towards actually being able to barter with Neos, make purchases with Neos, the market place (which I’ve wanted to develop since the first day) and so forth. Circling back to Arbitrush, we’ll be removing support for it as we’re going to be looking more towards working directly on the blockchain in the future. Our goal has always been to continue working on the interface and get it to a place that the community as well as our team was happy with and then unleash our creative efforts on the blockchain. When the usage of Arbitrush was looked at, 50% of it was our team testing it and the other 50% of it was proof of concept by various members of the community just to see that it worked.

Neos can and will be much more than it currently is and that’s because of our community more than it is us or our code. Development moves along at as quick of a pace as it can as I’m also handling support throughout the day and night. We have a huge project management system filled with features and side supporting projects to come and that are currently in the works. Our community has continued to grow daily and we’re excited to continue this healthy growth and continue to provide some really cool features.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask as we’re always around. If anyone has any recommendations or requests, we’re always open to hear them.




I have to agree that although your ultimate anon implementation sounded especially well considered and done, it’s not clear to me that I would ever have need of it. My respect for your decision to back it out in light of lack of apparent need/use. I continue to favor implementing a lower energy requiring alternative to the typical dependence on POW, but it’s hard to argue with an emphasis on open market usability.

Best regards – Trevor!


Great decision, considering Neos is gonna be around for a long long time its always better to keep everything on the safe side. I don’t think anyone used it really either way, but it was great just to see that if it was necessary it can be done :wink: