Neos 3.0 development updates


Hi folks,

In the interest of being fully transparent, there are a few new developments that directly impact the existing demo and release schedule. The original date for demo was supposed to be March 3, 2017 with a week of testing following that and another week of modifications/bug fixes and testing to follow that. As of yesterday I received two unfortunate pieces of news:

Ahmed is sick in the worst way to the point he can’t work (which is a rarity for him) and our designer needed to be admitted into the hospital with the timeframe of return unknown but might be a few days.

As these events collide, it makes it a bit difficult to have the demo ready as far as I see it before the weekend. There are still a few areas in the new client that need some work before the demo is released and a few other areas needing attention but it seems as if the perfect storm came together on this one. I’ll keep everyone updated as always and my apologies for the delay but it’s nothing we can’t work with. My best wishes for a speedy recovery to both kalipo and ahmed. As far as the demo, I’ll be working double-time in effort to get it released as soon as possible.


Sending good, healthy vibes to Ahmed and the designer. Sorry to hear about their health declining, but hope things turn around for the both of them sooner than later.


Everyone is anxious to see what we’ve been working on, because of that, we want to show few screenshots to lead up to tomorrows demo. As stated before, the demonstration is still scheduled for tomorrow, March 9, 2017 at 5:00PM EST. We also want to say that we are very excited about tomorrow’s demonstration to share and explain more about the amazing technology and concept behind Neos v3. Please keep in mind that these few images are only a very small part and should only act as a teaser for what is to come both tomorrow and leading up to the release. Thanks for everyones continued support!


The Neos v3.0 demo video can be viewed at


I’ve just finished the detailed earnings stats and a preview screenshot can be viewed here: This is v3r1 coming into beta. During testing bug reports will be made and fixed, requests for modifications and additions fulfilled and additional work done.