Neos 2.0.2 Now Available


What makes Neos different? Why should I choose it over another?

This is question I was asked recently by someone and I thought maybe it would be best to address it here so that newcomers and veterans alike could be answered officially. Quite simply put, you shouldn’t choose Neos over another project but rather consider it as an addition. There are many projects within the crypto space that have immense talent behind them and great teams of dedicated people. Crypto isn’t (to me) about which is better than the next. It’s about how we as a community can enhance, improve and strengthen crypto.

With the aforementioned being said, what makes Neos different in the most fundamental way is our lack of creative boundaries and our willingness to go explore. Consistently building Neos and supporting it from the first day of launch is something we’re known for and very proud of. The relationship we have with our incredible community allows us to receive feedback on a daily basis and materialize what were once only suggestions or ideas. As I’ve been known to say many times before this - we love crypto and believe wholeheartedly in it. We’re here full-time, working on Neos and Neos alone. If something isn’t working for you, just let me know and I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

The focus with this release and moving forward is ease-of-use/user-friendliness. Development starting instantly will be on the second portion of what’s coming in 2.1 (the next release) which will contain all of our security mechanisms and a few other features that are a bit complex and not ready for production yet entirely.

Some key features of Neos

In-wallet trading - One-click withdrawal and deposit, order history, buy and sell Neos at supported exchanges
In-wallet messaging
Market data and overall stats
In-wallet pool stats including personal worker stats at our official pools
In-wallet block exploration
In-wallet updates - this will be the last time you ever need to download Neos from the website. It all happens inside of the wallet now
24-hour Automatic Backups
In-wallet block exploration
Transaction history export to excel,json,csv
Import your wallet from an older Neos installation through our launcher
Configurable settings & much more come see for yourself

Neos technical specifications & General information

Algorithm: SHA-256
Total coins: 21 Million (after the 21 million cap, a perpetual reward of 0.0625 remains per block to keep the chain moving)
Halving every: 210,000 blocks
Fair launch: Block 2 - 1001 the block reward was 0.1. Block 1002+ normal block reward
Block reward: 50 NEOS
Block time: 5 minutes
Tx fees: 0.00000001
Block confirmations: 120
Transaction confirmations: 6
Difficulty adjustment: per block (25% up, or down)
Launch date: 8/24/14 5PM EST
Coins offered during the ICO: 1,050,000.00


Exchanges supporting Neos:

Payment Gateways:

Active Neos mining pools can be found on

Some screenshots of Neos

Download Neos

Windows -
osX (Yosemite) -
Debian -
Ubuntu -
Source -


These are some of the changes I noted along the way of development for those interested between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2:

  • Grand total of all your Neos displayed gathered from exchange balances and your local wallet balance
  • Fixed twitter time on the dashboard
  • Removed ccex from neos (also be sure in the default.wallet.conf for all systems ccexAPI is removed)
  • Decreased timeout values on initial connection and transfer timeout for exchanges which were previously causing the wallet to hang due to waiting if an exchange was down.
  • Exchanges are enabled by default, but can be disabled in settings based on preference if you don’t wish to view that exchange’s stats/info.
  • Fixed sending functions so that if in the event the wallet is locked and a send was attempted without unlocking first it didn’t attempt to initiate a send regardless
  • Fixed sending functions to disable the send function unless all required criteria was met (spendable amount, proper destination, unlocked wallet)
  • Transactions can now be exported to an excel spreadsheet,csv file, or json file.
  • On alias registration, the registration function is disabled if the wallet is locked, until the passphrase is entered correctly whereas before it would just cause an error.
  • Added address validation (works for neos aliases as well) to prevent possibly adding an invalid address to your personal address book
  • Added search/sort/delete ability for your personal address book
  • Lowered alias registration fee from 15 NEOS to 10
  • New feature ‘bulk address generation’ - generate multiple receiving addresses on-the-fly
  • Neos tools area:

a) Address validation tool
b) Private key import
c) more to come after launch via in-wallet updates

  • Password dialog disappears after entering in the correct phrase for sending instead of lingering
  • Added in a maximum character countdown while sending a message to avoid incomplete/partial message sending
  • Added unconfirmed funds to the balance bar on hover
  • Added support for multiple recipients
  • Modified the worth/balance verification scripts to support multiple txs
  • Updated all files referencing arbitrush
  • Removed legacy information from the stats page (algo stats, etc.)
  • Fixed typo in dropdown class for currency selection (the proper style now applies and looks much better)
  • Added network hashrate to the dashboard
  • Changed ‘SHA 256’ on the pools page to read “
  • Added ability to set custom timezone in settings
  • Automatic backups of your wallet and neos data (address book, aliases, messages, etc.) are now done every 24 hours
  • Added message/clarification regarding the Bittrex 0.2 NEOS withdrawal fee as it was causing confusion for some
  • Added in neos multipool stats and personal stats into the pools section
  • Styled all tables in a more attractive fashion and also more legible via highlight on hover
  • Added in-wallet updates - one-click and your Neos wallet is updated. If a new feature is added or updated, or a bug is fixed, you will be notified in your Neos Inbox and then can update right from within the wallet without restarting the interface.
  • Changed personal history and market history from 20 records back to 50
  • Polling now handled by one main controller instead of several. performance enhancement.
  • Removed some old lingering files from previous releases of Neos that are no longer necessary
  • Fixed order book sorting on bleutrade
  • Changed order book depth from 20 to 50
  • PHP renamed to neosphp to avoid confusion
  • neos control script updated for linux
  • Upgraded php to latest 5.4.37 to address security updates
  • Upgraded the core wallet to address using TLS over SSLv3, rpckeepalive added, getwalletinfo command added - phark
  • Fixed the datatables warning when encountering invalid json dynamically
  • Included a bootstrap with new installs
  • Launcher updates php, the daemon, and wallet interface for you. (go into more detail on this)
  • Changed the wallet install location ~/.neoscoin on Linux and require privelege escalation only for lib, program, and config files install on both osX and linux, but for control script on linux as well (/usr/bin/neos)
  • Neos control script for linux if just ‘neos’ typed brings up the launcher, ‘headless’ as an argument starts the wallet but not the interface
  • The wallet files on linux are no longer contained in /usr/local/neos/wallet, and are now created from a skeleton directory and copied over on a per-user basis, enabling multiple users on the system to have their own web wallet and for privacy/security.
  • Resolved the ‘blank white page’ when the daemon isn’t fully initialized. now explains that neos is initializing instead and automatically brings up the wallet when it’s ready.

We really hope you enjoy Neos v2.0.2 and thank you for your support. If anyone is in need of assistance, we can help through the following methods:

  2. Clicking the support icon (question mark) and sending a message to support through your wallet
  3. Teamviewer
  4. Telephone
  5. E-mail

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.




Great Job, Syntaks! The Launcher is foolproof :slight_smile: …and the wallet is much faster!

But, one question: Where do I find the automatic updates (Yosemite)? And, is there a function to backup manually?


Hey tempus,

Thanks a lot. I can add it to the tools and then it could be disabled in settings for backups. The updates are in the top right of the menu (the lightning bolt). They’re one-click not “automatic” so people have a chance to see what was changed instead of doing it without their knowledge. Backups are in ~/.neos/neos-data/backups on osX.

Best regards,



Hi Syntaks! “Updates” was the wrong word, my question “where to find” was about the backups as well, but you’ve already answered! Thank you!


Just installed V2.0.2 with just a few clicks.

Works really fast now and is easy to use!

Just replaced the wallet file with the old one


the only thing is I get “intitializing” now.

does that mean it is downloading the blockchain?


Yessir, but if it doesn’t move from that within a reasonable amount of time let me know and I’ll teamview in.


Nevermind, I think it’s all good.

I reinstalled it and used the Import Wallet method.

Now it seems to move and download the blockchain normally!


Yes it is fixed now!


Great, just let me know if you need anything else =)!


Yes, how far are you with coding v2.1?


Please can you add my pool to the website I might not just get occasional miners that way


Just installed 2.02 and all worked great until I tried to restart after a shutdown. I cannot restart the program, it says NEOS is already running, but I checked my task manager and its not there. I also dont see it in my installed programs for a uninstall/reinstall, is this because it gets installed to users/appdata/roaming instead of the program files folder? I installed to D instead of C because that’s whereI put all my programs. Could this be a problem?


Ok, now Im really stuck. I deleted the folder in d/users/appdata and installed into c/users/appdata and it runs now. My problem is now I dont have my coins in there. I tried moving the dat folder into the new and it didnt work. Could you give me the specifics on how to transfer the wallet.dat file so my new install reflects the coin from my old.



Hey snots in your neoscoin launcher there should be an import feature to import your wallet.dat Syntaks is going to be shortly adding in a fix for this shortly and another user has had this problem already so it has been brought up. If this happens again there should be a .lock file in your c/users/appdata/neos-2.0.2/neos-data folder. Delete that file and you should be able to open up neoscoin without the “neoscoin is already running” problem occurring.



I just got this error:
DataTables warning: table id=dashtxs - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

It came up after I opened the neoscoin launcher to start the wallet. I refreshed the browser page and my wallet opened and then a window with this error came up and my antivirus says it blocked a suspicious file called neoscoind.exe.

I am running on windows 7. I didn’t shut the wallet down last night, so I’m not sure why the launcher wasn’t still open this morning. Not exactly sure what is going on.



The reason that was caused is Neos builds your transaction list from querying the wallet naturally, and with Windows blocking neoscoind.exe - it was unable to do that. To fix this, in your anti virus whitelist neoscoind.exe and remove it from the blocked list and then restart Neos by clicking “Stop Neos” and then "Start Neos’. If you have any issues after this let me know and I’ll hop on there via Teamviewer and handle it for you.

Best regards,



Thanks syntaks, worked like a charm. I wonder why antivirus just did this now. I must have closed and opened the launcher several times since the update.


Windows can be random like that at times. Just let me know if you need anything else.