shut down


Hi folks,

With the bare usage of the multipool and infernoman setting up his own - it makes no sense to run both in parallel. You can mine with other algorithms and get paid out in Neos at His pool runs entirely automated and thus will provide more consistent payouts daily where was run and paid out by me for almost its entirety. When infernoman is back, I will speak with him about connecting the wallet to his pool. Until then I will be disabling the multipool stats in the wallet.

Best regards,



Thanks for the alert, didn’t realize my USB colony had shut down. Just made the move.


Anytime man. It wasn’t entirely planned to happen today, but it was circumstances beyond our decision.


Yea, circumstances are circumstances. Your original NEOS multipool has been my standing backup for multiple miners for some months. It’s delivered on that function very well (per my NEOS wallet) and it’s kind of sad to see it go. Still, what has to happen has to happen! Thanks for running it as long as you did, all things evolve! :smile: