List of Exchanges trading NEOS


There have been a few inquiries recently in the IRC channel regarding exchanges for NEOS so I thought it would be best to make a sticky of the exchanges.



Good resource, thanks.


neos is now on cryptorush as well as so you might want to add them, and we have to add them to the website as well


it might actually be much easier to just have a textual list to show the urls and such too


I don’t understand why Cryptsy haven’t added Neos. But I don’t understand their selection process anyway.


I’ll add the textual URL next to each img incase people want it. Someone will have to give me the cryptorush url because I don’t have an account there.



thank you sirrrrrrrrrrrr (20 character minimum)

when the website is updated with the latest exchanges I’ll add images here as well.


Might want to remove mintpal


good call. Fixing it now…