Let's vote for NeosCoin on BTER.com


Let’s vote for NeosCoin on BTER.com. I just realised I have some BTR credits useful for voting and I’m spending them. Please do your part! :slight_smile:


Believe me I would have been voting there all along but I have 0 credits there. Now we have a Chinese site and whitepaper and soon native UI translation. Would be great. Really appreciate the initiative and support!

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I just moved it from the rank 85 to 49 with my BTR credits. Plan on pumping it some more/


Moved it a little bit more - place 45. Acutally you’re eligible for 10 free votes/hour just if you have >1000 BTR or enough credits on site (don’t know how much it is) …


i’ve never personally even been on bitr or whatever


i cant even remember my bter login. traded doge there. i’ll get to it.
btw if you just talked to bter guys. they’ll add your coin. because of marketcap and features


NEOS currently in the #44 slot.
It costs 100 BTR (earned by trading on the site) to vote.