Let's get Neos on GoUrl


@Trevor: Perfect summary. There are a couple of scenarious and I doubt that we will know who and with which intention brought PPC on the first place. But it’s a fact that there is nothing to find about GoUrl in any channel. No joy about the winning in the IRC (no word about it), nothing in the Forum or on Twitter. And before it: No community-call to “vote”/pay.

My personal theory is: It’s to set a sign, to establish a price. The latest transaction just makes sense if PPC really really wanted to win and feared there could be a big transaction of a competitor in the last moment. Would make sense. But therefore nobody of the PPC-Community seems to care about it at all, neither before nor after the voting… I believe it was more about the price itself.

But, as I said, I doubt that we will find out.


@tempus The large late unchallenged BTC payments would make complete sense if the agreed upon price had not been reached and it had been agreed w/GoUrl to disguise the purchase as a bidding process. That would also explain lack of a community call, community participation would have made it much harder to exactly hit the price. Still unexplained would be how their Free Bonus votes grew from zero in a strikingly parallel manner to ours, were they just thrown in by GoUrl to help legitimize the pre-determined result, using us as a convenient model? Unlike us, PPC surely couldn’t have been depending on community participation, and what the likelihood of their success so closely mirroring ours! Perhaps the lack of a next deadline is lack of having another agreement in place? Could this be all smoke and mirrors?

The entire bid process could well be a clever marketing scheme to gain exposure while closing sales! In any case, the price for us would appear to be another 5.64BTC. :frowning:


Glad I held off on another contribution. I was prepared to do 1btc at the end, but PPC was just going too nuts. Seems like it could be used better somewhere else within Neos for now.


@Sovereign Yep, quite educational! I’ve no idea yet whether GoUrl is even worth that price! Still, the votes are there and if we later decide it’s worth it, I presume we too can arrange purchase. I expect to be looking in on their site regularly!

PPC had a big pump awhile back on a new announcement (NuBits), but the price has been gradually declining ever since and is now back to pre-pump levels. I’m guessing Sunny King did this very deliberately to try to re-activate PPC within the crypto-community. My guess is the PPC voting was real, but as discussed, pre-determined! It was a big bet, hope it pays off for his coin!

PS. Seems King has two coins, PPC and XMP, and I get the impression from PeercoinTalk that XMP has been in dire straits for awhile. Helps further explain why he would go in heavy for his remaining baby – PPC.


I’m really glad you didn’t too as I’m sure others here are. Thanks a lot though for the thought and support. We’ll find a good place to partner with - I’m getting tired of these places. If we had an investor who had an accountant/lawyer/etc. and could set up an MSB - I could certainly create an exchange service/processor without question. The entire KYC/AML/FinCEN situation requires more particular education and attention.


Miners! April 15 is gone, but there’s still a trickle of BTC flowing into GoUrl/NEOS. Past time to pull the plugs folks, none should still be “mining GoUrl votes”. Please shut down!

Thanks again for your help!


Thanks again to everyone that tried. We put an honest effort towards it and at least we can say that, where others might not be able to. I’m really proud of the community and humbled by the way everyone came together.




Everyone who spent their hard-earned BTC at “GoURL” should go take a look at this twitter conversation: https://twitter.com/CryptocoinAPI/status/592795363842629633


I happened to look into Digital coin yesterday, here’s their home page: http://digitalcoin.co/
Click on “Shop (Learn more)” at the top and you’ll see Noobie.io come up: https://noobie.io/
You’ll see three new coins have been added: DOGE, Peercoin, and Litecoin. As I observed earlier, Sunny King (PPC dev) appears hungry for reasons for people to get into PPC. It is strange, though, that it seems a well kept secret on the community forum. Still, I haven’t actually registered on the forum to ask about it.

Looks to me like there’s been no further voting action since April 16: https://gourl.io/voting-neos.html.


The more I think about it, the more I like this idea. I can only imagine the innovation you and the team could code into your own system. Ever think of crowdfunding the idea?


Never really, no. I can’t imagine many would care enough to fund it to be quite honest. I could be wrong though, but I’m basing this on the crypto community’s reluctance to fund more projects based on historical burns. Granted those that are familiar with us know we’re not all talk, however, I’m not sure our reach spans far enough to put it together. It’s something to possibly consider. The biggest aspect of it would be of course the legal fees. I just want to provide honest options to the space. I’m tired of these “inner circles” where only the “quick profit” projects (aka scams) get the attention for one reason or another. We sought out to provide an honest project which we’ve done - but as we’ve seen not too many seem to care about honest/innovation as much as the quick flip.


I see the quick flips coming and going a lot these days. I feel that those who keep getting burnt will start seeking coins that aren’t all talk. Also the way you try to help out other coins from time to time shows that you aren’t in it for yourself, but a real dedication to good crypto coins in general. I think people will come to understand the potential soon enough.


FWIW – as of May-6, I see no change in the GoUrl voting from Apr-16. Will continue to watch what transpires!


As of May 8, I notice GoUrl has revised their end of April 15 vote statement to:

I’d say the revised version is a lot more participant friendly – is GoUrl learning?

There’s also some further activity including MUE having added 50 “Free Votes” and some additional paid plus “Free” votes for some coins lower on the list.


Just took a look at the GoUrl “contest” page and saw a fresh update:

No obvious response that I can recognize, but perhaps some “vote” counts are a little higher than before? I’ll be watching with interest how this progresses.

PS. Two days later and no clear change. True, it’s early yet, but perhaps MUE will yet get their spot in the sun?

PPS. June 19 and MUE has raised their ante, but only slightly. Closing in on the 25th - any bets as to what will happen?


[quote]The voting coin winner is MonetaryUnit on 25 June 2015. Congratulations !
We are in the process of integrating MonetaryUnit to our Gourl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway and our wordpress plugins.[/quote]

It’s June 25 and MUE (the only contender) is being added to GoUrl with a total of 50 “Free” votes and 10205 Paid votes, much less than the PPC Paid “vote” of 19750 (one paid “vote” equals 0.0004 BTC.) We are at 200 “Free” and 5671 Paid. Thoughts?



No response at all? GoUrl simply bad Ju-Ju? Have you considered how much BTC we already have committed? Of course, that doesn’t mean we should commit more (good after bad), but shouldn’t we at least consider it a possibility?


I’m pretty sure everyone’s written them off to be a scam at this point but other than that I haven’t heard much chatter about it.


Well, guess I’ll continue to watch. The May/June “vote” ended up rolling in MUE at essentially their April 15 bid (and I’m glad it did, it’s what I wanted.)

We’re next in line! Wonder what will happen next time? How price flexible are they willing to be in order to establish additional revenue streams?


I’m not too sure they even care to be quite frank. It seems like a mostly-automated operation. The only time they intervene is to spam people to pay for coin votes on twitter.