Let's get Neos on GoUrl


I’ve managed to get us 100 free votes through putting the payment gateway on my blog. I’ve also put a bit more towards votes.


I’ve just seen that we now have 100 free votes. Great Job Joe!


You guys may have noticed there’s a new contender in second position, Monetary Unit (MUE), there must be plenty of people out there with spare BTC. We’re now even with PEER on Free Bonus votes, and MUE has none, so that’s good. I notice you guys are doing a great job on Infernopool, a healthy stash of BTC is accumulating, will go far on the midnight payout – thanks, thanks, thanks!

I think we’ve got a clear mining advantage over both the others, they appear to be relying on BTC. Judging by our rate of progress, we could well be in the lead by midnight Tuesday, even before adding the raffle funds. As Tempus suggests, it could all come down to end game BTC. I’ve asked Syntaks if he can give us any guidance regarding a vote deadline.

3:30pm – Wow, MUE and PEER have started duking it out. MUE threw in another .5BTC for the lead and PEER edged them. These two are clearly serious!

6:30pm – Whew! MUE has thrown in another .342BTC and PEER has hammered back with 1BTC. And this is only Monday!!!


well peercoin has put down a ton of BTC, and there is no way my 1.0btc I am willing to put forth would come close to touching it on its own.

If I see the votes stacking up on Neos before the votes are tallied, I will drop 1.0 btc of votes on Neos.


Yep, we’ll obviously need some big guns behind us to bring this off. Tuesday midnight will be the final mining payouts and so whatever that brings us to, plus the raffle funds, will be our base. I think Syntaks has some further plans to help bring it in.

How about us both purchase .5BTC worth of raffle tickets, then you can see how things go for your .5BTC balance? Further thought, it’s probably not fair to the other raffle ticket holders for us to take such large positions. How about us both send .5BTC each directly to GoUrl/NEOS Tuesday afternoon? We’ll post time/amount/txID right here in the thread! Following tonights’ mining payouts, that’ll take us well ahead of MUE’s current position and establish a stronger base. Let me know!


It’s post Monday midnight and NEOS made a healthy advance, Westhash is vacillating (my miner activity occasioning to Infernopool), and Infernopool miners have delivered in spades – thanks again! There are no further changes to report with our competitors, but Monday was quite a ride!

Tuesday (today) is the last full day, so once again, if you or anybody else can add more votes, then please do. Any more raffle tickets sold and any further Free Bonus votes are absolutely welcome! Whatever you can do to further boost our efforts is entirely appreciated, let’s do whatever we can! It’s appearing the endgame is going to be BTC intensive, but whatever we can do to provide a strong base for further action will be hugely beneficial! Continue building and stand fast folks, for both NEOS and us!


TrevorS, we talk about it a lot in the Channel. We still have chances but it’s uncertain. Maybe you want to join the IRC? https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/#neoscoin

I’m Magcube in the Channel


Congratulations to NEOS on achieving 200 Free Bonus votes, that’s awesome! I also see an additional 20 paid votes from somewhere, that’s great, thanks! :smile:

Looking at the two lead contenders, appears as though some major coin has been dropped. MUE added a further 1.04BTC and PEER slapped in another 1.73BTC in another apparent shut out effort. This is like watching a WWE wrestling bout. PEER’s current position is equivalent to 5.39BTC.

We can expect another 300+ votes from today’s mining plus some 550+ from the raffle, but then we’d have to add another ~2.86BTC just to match. At which point, my bet is PEER would jump up again. Seeming as though April 15 is just not our day for this. Perhaps best just to complete our day’s accumulation and see what happens next. I’m pretty sure our votes won’t disappear on us, they’ll carry over to the next round. Syntaks mentioned that he doesn’t want anybody to spend further BTC on this at the current time. Seems sane to me!


Yeah I agree. I will hold all my btc I am planning to use for Neos. If we find something that works for us before next vote, we will have some capitol.


I sincerely believe this voting to be fixed/bogus. So with that being said, if the community is all for it, we’ll hang onto the BTC remaining and put it towards another actual good use. Peercoin doesn’t really even have a “following” let alone holders. People offload it for BTC, that’s about it. What a disappointment.


The MUE dev appears to be pushing hard for payment processors. He wants GoUrl and others, suggests MUE voting is valid! It only takes one person with BTC.


So it might seem they are trying to push us and MUE into a vote war for their profit. Lame!


I believe the others to be valid, but I myself and a few others have checked into PPC and it’s a ghost town. They could be fluffing the PPC votes up to get legitimate projects to cough up BTC.


Searched for PPC GoUrl mentions in BCT and Peercointalk.org and found nothing. Unless there’s some other PPC site, then this appears fraud! Hmm, no GoUrl mention on their Reddit or Facebook page. Makes me wonder what agreement Paycoin made with GoUrl?

Wonder what coin will be the leader for the next round? Could be the way to “win” is to come in second!

Still, CoinPayments.net may be worth checking out as a payment processor.


This is weird, another 1.35BTC has been added to PPC, even though no more were added to MUE. If GoUrl wanted to entice MUE, they would want a smaller gap, not larger. What kind of psychology is this? I’d really like to know where those votes are coming from.


You and me both. Noone’s spoken up for PPC yet.


This is appearing an exercise in insanity, another 1.15BTC to PPC, again, no new MUE action. Is this a bot of some kind?


MUE bowed out I’m told due to lack of funds. The PPC shit is definitely somewhat scripted of sorts.


Hey miners! We’re closing in on 12 midnight and so it’s about time to redirect our hardware from GoUrl. The payouts will be happening shortly. Thanks for all your help, you’ve been great! :smile:

Final NEOS vote count post Tuesday midnight is 5625 paid and 200 Free Bonus, a very worthy effort! Congratulations all! :smile:

Correction, another 36 votes showed up sometime late morning, another great effort!


I was wondering whether MUE would be included as a “winner”, but no, here’s the announcement:

So, they’re clearly holding strongly to the idea that PPC was the winner, the one and only winner. Is this PPC some renegade splinter group that PPC at large knows nothing about? Or was it just one dedicated PPC holder who didn’t care if they repeatedly dolled out far more BTC than necessary to beat MUE? Or was this all a business deal between GoUrl and Sunny King, price of entry pre-determined (7.9BTC)? A behind the scenes agreement like between GoUrl and Homero Garza for XPY? I wonder who the next voters are going to be? I would hope MUE is already a shoe-in for the next decision, but maybe not? Notice there’s no deadline date, just the vague May/June time period! Somehow, I’m not comfortable with either what I saw happen or the flavor of that announcement!