Let's get Neos on GoUrl


Hey Sovereign the BTC address being used for the raffle is different than the address for gourl. is it possible that you sent your bitcoin directly to the gourl address instead of the raffle address? the reason i ask this is when i was looking through the transactions in the raffle wallet. there is only 11 transactions in. which have all been added into the database.


I just got an email a bit ago confirming the transaction and my ID and amount is on the list. Maybe it was already on there and I just forgot how much I contributed. I wouldn’t put it past me…


looks like im just a bit slow finding the emails lol. i have them going to a separate folder than the rest of my emails and forgot about the folder -_- my apologies.


Excellent, another ticket purchase is showing on the raffle spread sheet! Anybody else up for buying tickets? It’s not only an excellent cause (GoUrl for NEOS), but the prizes are fistfuls of NEOS! :smile: (LOTS more tickets still available!)

We had a nice uptick in the paid NEOS vote Thursday 12pm. I’m mining flat out now and will continue through midnight Tuesday (Wednesday being the 15th). I dusted off four miners that had been swapped out, scrounged power supplies, and they are now pulling for NEOS as well!

I’m tapped out, how about you other miners? We’ve five days left for serious mining to help bring home GoUrl for NEOS! I’ll get back to mining BTC et.al. after this crunch is over, I’m giving priority to NEOS! What’s the possibility of you guys doing the same? Five days – let’s raise some major dust guys, mine GoUrl votes!

(Mine BTC to 1Nhgi9faSviuDJktKtzZxqgqWxv1xtFS8j for GoUrl/NEOS votes!)


I added 2 s3’s to that Trevor.


That’s awesome! I’m seeing a peak on the order of 12.1THs on the Infernopool worker page! :smile:

Can anyone else weigh in on this? Let’s keep growing that number, just imagine if someone with a farm were to throw in – imagine what that number could become – a real sledgehammer! :smile: Every bit helps, every miner, we’re down to 4-1/2 days of mining time. Let’s make that very serious mining time!

And don’t forget, “Free Bonus” votes are very desirable regardless of quantity, if you see an opportunity there, please go for it!


Another nice uptick Friday midnight! Infernoman made a difference, how about others stepping in and doing the same? The more the miners, the more the uptick! Wednesday is now just four days away, so come on folks, dig out that hardware and get hashing for votes!

Between raffle tickets, direct contribution, Free Bonus votes and mining, we can bring this in!


Damn a little late to the mining party but my .7th is on inferomans pool untill the 15th


Just waiting on my crap to get to the bank… should get us close to No. 1


That’s great on the .7TH/s GrassFunky, I checked the Infernopool worker stats and we were actually hitting over 13TH/s peak. Here’s hoping others will also jump in! :smile:

We’re all rooting for that coming together AltxF4, it’s such a pain when you’re stuck waiting for others to execute for what’s needed. No question it would make a huge difference – fingers crossed!

By the way,

Please don’t back off due to my shift of venue to Westhash (if that’s a concern, please say so, it’s just to try to further boost the votes – maybe 10% or so if we’re lucky.) By all means add more mining capacity, but please don’t ease back!

Also, if you know anybody who could be participating, but isn’t, please invite them to help NEOS succeed by mining for GoUrl votes! There’s less than 3-1/2 days to go!


It’s now post Saturday midnight and NEOS has blown past BTS! There surely may be another BTC infusion by BTS, but I think we may have demonstrated we are up to such obstruction. Unless something changes, we are now focused on PEER! The gap continues to close! Any additional vote capacity (raffle, direct, mining, or Free Bonus) from any friendly source is entirely welcome! Let’s make this fight count! For NEOS!


It’s 1:00pm Sunday and NEOS appears to be accelerating, not sure exactly what’s fueling it but it’s clearly hot stuff! :smile:

Plus, there’s 50 Free Bonus votes! YAY!

PS. Joe Toth Photo is now on GoUrl! Pop on over and buy the photo of the month (0.00500399 BTC)! A minimum total of ten purchases results in Free Bonus votes for NEOS! (Thanks and congratulations to Joe!)


Yes, that’s really awesome! Thanks to Joe!


Hey, hey, hey! Just noticed Infernopool has started reporting some Scrypt mining action – that you Stoner19? Thanks much for jumping in, that’s great, the more the merrier! Just a couple+ more days, I do believe we’re going to make it! Beginning to feel like we’ve a rocket on our hands!


Well, well, well! I just noticed Day Trader Coin (DTC) is closing fast, their rocket juice must be pretty good too. Nothing’s in the bag yet folks, we could get overtaken! It’s looking like a horse race!


It’s post Sunday midnight and NEOS continues to close the gap on PEER (they’ve added fifty Free Bonus votes), but less quickly. Not yet sure what to make of DTC, have the suspicion some BTC is being thrown at it, am now watching. I hope this doesn’t get down and dirty, but it could!

If you guys or anybody else can add further fire power to our armament, then please do. I’m still looking to see further raffle tickets sold, plus further Free Bonus votes are totally welcome! I tried to engage Diddyu on a challenge to match my hash for the crunch duration, but he didn’t take me up on it! Anything you can do to boost our efforts is welcome and appreciated, let’s keep driving – aprox two more days to go!


It says April 15th for the date of announcement, but does not indicate when votes will be tallied, and at what time…and time zone.

Seriously bad timing for me!!! Might just pull some out of savings to cover until my deposit clears.


Oh, man, I can’t risk you being hurt! If it gets to the point where you would pull cash from savings, let me know how much BTC and I’ll cover for you! You can get back to me regarding it when things settle down!

Thanks and be well, dude!


PM Sent.

Blah Blah 20 letters


It could be good if all who can and want to give some more BTC, transact it in the last 24 hours (but yes, we don’t know the exact time). This is an auction, not a voting and others react on us. We have to expect that others will do this as well… the last hours will be crucial.