Let's get Neos on GoUrl


There’s room on Infernoman’s SHA256 pool for much more than my two S3. This is the configuration:


Just fire it up and let it run!

Connect your miners to our pools using your BTC address as the username and any password to start mining.

SHA256(256+ diff) stratum+tcp://stratum.infernopool.com:4444 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything

SHA256(1024+ diff) stratum+tcp://stratum.infernopool.com:4445 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything

Scrypt(16+ diff) stratum+tcp://stratum.infernopool.com:5555 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything

Scrypt(128+ diff) stratum+tcp://stratum.infernopool.com:5556 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything

Scrypt(1024+ diff) stratum+tcp://stratum.infernopool.com:5557 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything

Scrypt(4096+ diff) stratum+tcp://stratum.infernopool.com:5558 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything

Scrypt(8192+ diff) stratum+tcp://stratum.infernopool.com:5559 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything


Second S3 is now locked in, will apply additional hardware as practical.

We need to make this happen people, let’s drive for it, both direct BTC and mining! It’s for our mutual benefit, NEOS and we deserve our best support and the opportunity is clear! Let’s make this a win!!!


If anyone has a web shop they can integrate GoUrl into, please let me know I’ll help you with that. They’re looking for active communities + paid votes. That’s why a coin like “DayTraderCoin” is getting free + paid in.


Hi all,

It’s 7:30am Apr 5 and that makes it a little under ten mining days before the 15th. Let’s do whatever we can, be it via mining, direct contribution, raffle, or integrating GoUrl into your online store (“free” votes matter) this is our opportunity to bring it home for both NEOS and ourselves!

PS. Happy Easter! :slight_smile:


I was trying to add the GoUrl button into my blog… just to show the active community side of things. Thought it might pick up some votes.


I have some ebay fund coming in through paypal. I hope I can get it in to BTC before the 15th.

We will see!


It would definitely help. Let me know if you need a hand setting it up.


Yes will do. Ikind of ran out of steam and was stumped at one of the steps. So will get back on it and ping you for help.


Oh, dear! Somebody has dropped around 1.2 BTC on PEERcoin (2999 -> 5945) and I suspect that takes care of the April 15 slot. :frowning: Still, May 15 is next and the votes carry over! :slight_smile:


We keep going. It’s not just about the votes, if we show them the community behind NEOS and our drive that will count as well. Also they do say they may add more than one coin.


Well, I can see where some 1500 votes can come from, but I can’t yet see the other 1000 plus. We need more people to step up to the bat, people who are in the habit of looking, but keeping quiet. We’ve only to the 15th to bring this off, and if everyone (as in everyone) doesn’t pitch in, then we’re likely to fall short.

For example, there’s plenty more room for people to enter the raffle. There’s plenty of opportunity to mine BTC for votes (see above for details). Sure, it requires an adjusting of priorities (perhaps even delaying), but if NEOS success has no priority to you, why are you here? All right, I’ve got some serious mining to do. Let’s get it done, folks!


Its a time game for me. If I can get everything in and over to BTC before the 15th, we will have another 1500 votes. While what I will be contributing will not be enough on its own, but if we all step up like Trevor is saying… WE CAN DO IT!


Don’t forget, “Free Bonus” votes carry weight in the selection process and can make all the difference in closing the gap. Here is the description from the GoUrl site:

Any quantity of “Free Bonus” votes is welcome and appreciated!


I see the paid vote count is gradually rising, can anybody further assist with the lifting? Any miners out there willing to forgo a few days of BTC or ALT in order to help secure GoUrl for NEOS? I see lots of tickets still available for the raffle and my fingers remain crossed for a few Free Bonus votes!

I see there’ve been 209 views of this thread, imagine if each of those people donated ten votes by buying raffle tickets! We’ve a distance to go yet people, more help is needed!


I don’t think the database is completely up to date. I got some tickets the other day and they aren’t on there yet so there might be more than we can see.


Thanks for mentioning that! (Infernoman, are you listening?)

For anyone unaware of the raffle, here’s the link: Neoscoin Raffle!

For just a minimum ticket purchase of .001BTC, you get a chance for up to 5000 NEOS! It’s easy to do and helps propel NEOS to broader real-world usefulness! (Helps keep Syntaks busy as well! :slight_smile: )

Just remember to email [email protected] with your transaction ID and NEOS wallet address. He’ll note your purchase and log it into the raffle spreadsheet (allow at least 24 hours).


Thursday 2:00AM – Our paid vote continues to climb and BTS has added .1BTC to ward us off. Take the fight back to them people! If they can do it, surely we can too! Miners, dig in dudes, this is a fight!


We still have chances and I’ve heard that we could get some free votes as well the next days.


Fingers and toes crossed for Free Votes!

NEOS needs every opportunity we get people! Don’t imagine that a contribution you can make is unimportant. Opportunities don’t occur every day and when one appears, it only behooves us to make our best effort to make it happen! Let’s make this opportunity happen!


Breaking news, BTS has added a further .1 BTC to their paid vote tally. As already mentioned, we’re in a fight, are you willing to engage? Do you really care about whether NEOS succeeds?

Whatever you can do to help bring GoUrl to NEOS is absolutely welcome and needed! Buy raffle tickets, make direct contribution, direct miners as in meaningfully (if you’re a miner, you know what I mean, shares take time)! NEOS needs your help, are you willing to pitch in?