Let's get Neos on GoUrl


Hey folks,

GoUrl.io is a popular payment gateway that already has their own plugins for merchants available and others. Unfortunately, the only way to really get on there is paid votes. If we were to be accepted as a currency on their gateway, the next level for Neos would be astronomical. They have an API which allows for custom coding as well as support for Wordpress and other platforms and shopping carts. You can send BTC to 1Nhgi9faSviuDJktKtzZxqgqWxv1xtFS8j towards votes and view the status over at https://gourl.io/voting-neos.html. Once we’re on a gateway like GoUrl or ShapeShift - the Neos platform will be forever changed and enhanced. I will code my fingers off.

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*** Calling All Miners *** [Ended Apr 15]

Great Plan! 92b58221281c669f6e270d51b70935b2900c7c0ca0dfc5c50ed62abf76a72692


Way to go tempus! Thank you!


Looks like we are off to a great start! Lets keep this momentum!


I’m in. Lets make this happen!

Also still need more votes for https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1000833.0. Free to vote and Neos could be easily be secure in the top 15 spots with just a few move votes to lock it in.


My pleasure! Glad if I can help!


Thanks a lot Sovereign! You guys are really the best community anyone could ask for. Together - we’ll get there.


just sent a vote over that way, and dropped .03 btc on GoUrl


I dont have remote access to my farm at the moment, but for now, here’s the one S3 that I have on hand. Hopefully next weekend I can add a few TH.

PS: If anyone else has mining hardware, SHA or otherwise, feel free to help me mine for votes.


100 points for creativity! That’s AWESOME! Thanks a lot for the support. I love this community =)

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That is an awesome idea man! I never thought about doing that. I’ve pointed my scrypt miners at Infernoman’s pool: http://infernopool.com/ and selected BTC payouts pointed directly to the GoURL address for NEOS votes.


Great Idea! You guys should tweet about it! Maybe others will follow…




I’ve aimed my faucet payments towards it as well.



Sweet Jesus titties I like this,


LOL Thanks a lot GrassFunky! =)


Have directed an S3 full time to GoUrl courtesy of Infernoman’s pool. Guess it’ll take time to build, but ought to help.


You’re great Trevor! Thanks a lot! We need all the help we can get if we want to be added on the 15th! =)


Have added a second S3, but am not guaranteeing full time. I truly hope other miners jump in on this. The goal is definitely reachable, just takes willingness to engage. Come on people, let’s make this happen!


We’ll get there! We’re in second, not too far off from closing in on first. However, once BTS notices we’re in second I’m sure they’ll amp up their support so I’ll be maintaining a close eye on the poll.