Just a few words about 2.0.2 and what I'm up to


Hey folks,

I just wanted to take a minute away from coding and post here just to maintain transparency and keep everyone updated. I’m currently working on the launcher for all systems to handle a few
tasks. One of which being upgrading from a previous install that way it’s not such a hassle or confusing for anyone. Right now it can control starting and stopping Neos, and a button to open up your wallet
(some people were confused as to how to access it). This will be for all supported systems (Windows, Linux, osX) and will take away any UAC issues previously found with our latest approach to control on Windows systems through services. I also feel this will make it much easier for osX users as well. I’m really trying to push Neos into a more
user-friendly place to help with growth and use. Once that’s done I’m working on a version-independent compile of php for osX so that any future releases of osX won’t interfere with Neos as we’ve just seen with
the latest Apple updates. Once this is complete, the auth work continues and any updates moving forward you’ll be able to handle from within your wallet with just a click. Adding to that, once auth has been completed (including necessary php core changes), it will be likely the last download you’ll ever have to handle yourself with Neos again.
As I’ve said, the goal is to make it simple here for everyone and as smooth as possible. If anyone has any questions or requests, by all means don’t hesitate. Thanks a lot for your continued support I really appreciate it.

 Best regards,



Personally, I think a hands free install is critical, you don’t want to require people to understand what files go where and how to manipulate those files and their system in order to accomplish a successful install. Most coins seem to expect under-the-hood knowledge, but it’s not a club to be desirous of joining if you care about broad acceptance. Most people want plug-and-play and most established user apps provide that. As mentioned in another recent post, geeky is not a good attribute if you desire acceptance.

As far as preferred installations go, it seems today the PC doesn’t even achieve second fiddle. Number one appears to be smart phones and then perhaps tablets and so on – I’ve only PC myself. A current major feature of Neos appears to be the bundled infrastructure environment (as accessed via browser). I don’t know how or to what degree that can be extended to today’s more popular devices, but I think it’s important to explore and extend as far as practical in order to achieve maximal acceptance.

As an aside, I yet again vote for a greener long term solution for a long term growing problem, energy requirement for processing the blockchain. I applaud the inclusion of new coins in the POW block discovery process after the Halving is finished, but I consider that only a partial solution. Best to broaden the mining activity by allowing lesser processing power to accomplish block discovery (CPU Vs ASIC). POW doesn’t achieve this, but surely, long term coin health demands it!

PS. The previous “coin of the day” was XPY and it’s currently appearing a dead loss due perhaps entirely to the character of its development organization. Your disapproval clearly being well placed. The current appearing winner is UNB which appears an almost exact BTC clone, but it could be interesting to look closely at what it has going for it. Perhaps there are further material steps that can help promote an ultimate success for Neos.