Inquires for neosstore


I’d like to question people of the neoscoin community,
What would you say to custom neoscoin tshirts ? if so how many would you buy, and what sort of things would you want on them. just so then i have a rough idea. and if everything goes well. i’ll hopefully put in a order :smiley: , Also, currently this is what i put for the front logo on the shirt, :), please do reply to this thread of email me @ [email protected]
Thanks for your time.

Hypermist <3 !


I think it’s great you are doing this man! I’d most definitely be interested in a T-Shirt. Put together a graphic image of what the shirts will look like instead of just a .png of the NEOS logo, as well as pricing information for everyone, and I think you’ll probably get more response from everyone.


It maybe different from this image, here its just what i had. and the prices are $15 plus tax and anything larger than XL, is $2 extra.


Does that $15 include shipping?


That does, not include shipping, i cannot get shipping cost till i have an estimate on how many want shirts