Infernomans Multipool


Hey everyone. I’m going to try and keep this thread as updated as possible now with reports of what i am doing with the pool. there is a bonus of 7% through the week and the fees for the pool were lowered to 2%. so essentially there is almost a 10% bonus each day compared to the normal rates. i also added the network hashrate on the neoscoin page. I would like to welcome anyone with suggestions for the site. and i hope to see you guys on there !


Just letting everyone know i updated the payments to run everyday at 12:00 AM UTC-5


Website updated with BTC/GH/DAY for sha256 and BTC/MH/DAY for scrypt.


Good job dude thanks a lot!


Looks like we had some problems today with a crash and had to rebuild the database from scratch, we are offering a 7% bonus to every miner for one week to clear everything up.


I see there was another DB crash and wipe-out today, and my wallet payments reflect it, no BTC at all for Saturday (4/25). Please, don’t have anymore database losses, I thought raid was supposed to prevent that?

[quote]1QF5UWzT7vE2rA36gkaSYpXFuzExb6GU9t (2x S3)
LQpegixuu38BUenBPYtBUd9dcdkTX9z4de (1x S3)
NW5Up2ycd2vHqKs3Mf2p7TGRyhzFvHKqAe (~80GH/s USB SHA-256 plus several S3 overflows that I know triggered Saturday)

Thanks – Trevor


Yeah im sorry for any troubles. contact me via PM. the problem i was having was affected by the crash. but funny thing is the “normal” way to backup the redis server wasnt working for me. i though i had it fixed up earlier in the week, what ive resorted to doing is adding a second system with a slave database that does backups on a separate PC. im not sure why the normal way of backing up redis wasnt working for me. but ive got a second database in place that gets written to at the same time as the master.


OK, so I’m seriously concerned! Infernopool has been down for many hours, both webpage and stratum. Compounding the concern is no information whatsoever regarding it. Is it permanently gone, temporarily off line (if so, how long), or what? I’ve no idea how many people use this pool, but at least for me, it matters!


I may be premature on this, but as of roughly 8:30am EDT (Eastern Daylight savings Time), Inferno pool appears to have come back on line. My fingers are crossed and am hoping it’s for real, but either way, I appreciate the effort that’s taking place behind the scenes to make this pool work! Thanks dude!


I’m doing my best to keep everything online but it has proven a bit hard this past week with the crashes. i’ve taken a couple more steps to try and lower the number of crashes. we were going through an update with Unomp originally and ran into a few problems, the past 2 days have had little sleep in them. ill make sure i get to the neoscoin forum if there are any more problems. but rest assured we will not RIP :slight_smile:

Just another update here. About the testing we were doing yesterday. The Neoscoin direct port will now payout every 10 minutes if you accumulate a balance of 10 of more Neos. And if you are on the multipool port with a Neos address. and we end up mining Neos because it is the most profitable you will receive 2 types of payments. 1 for the multipool coins. All of your shares that go toward Neoscoin will be paid out when you reach a balance of 10 Neos.


Tonight there will be another few hours of testing to finish up modifying the payment processor aswell as bring some new pages and ports online.


Thanks for the announcements, definitely helps, but right now, I’m just looking forward to Infernopool coming back online. Not used to a pool being down this much, kinda awkward in practice ('course, for you too!) Here’s looking forward to the issues being resolved! Many thanks for your efforts! :smile:


We are working on switching to a hosted solution. the disk we were running the pool on has crashed so it might take a bit but we are working on recovering the website files. and my own bitcoin balance from the pool wallet. the database is saved properly and everyone will be paid out accordingly for their mining.


Looking forward to Infernopool coming back on-line! Got a couple miner operations that are lost without it! Don’t blame you for bowing out, has to be more trouble than seem’s worth! :slight_smile:


not quite bowing out :smiley: but the most recent crash was a hard drive failure :frowning: thankfully syntaks helped me restore everything. And i’ve got most of the payouts from the day it crashed saved. so once we are back online everything will be okay. the pool is still hosted within the community :wink: so ive still got control over the server. and will be working diligently to get things back online. as well as a few upgrades in the process.


Cool dude! Hardware can be a challenge – it can fail (especially hard drives)! I’m saving files onto hard drives for media use and failure would be a major personal disaster. Guess it’s bad enough when one has to deal just with one’s own requirements, but when others are involved, the situation is much tougher. Am in no rush to deal with the complications of a server. I appreciate your efforts to make this work! :smile:


Just letting everyone know of a current feature of the MP. Currently we dont sell ANY of the Neos that we mine. So that means the more workers we have on sha256 and the more we are mining Neos. The more hashrate is securing the network, and the more we are stopping from being dumped on the exchange.


Hey guys if you have a chance could you signup and write a review for Infernopool on
I think we are 1 review away from being the number 1 rated pool there.


Figured this wasnt worth starting a new post for and i didnt want anyone to feel like i was trying to spam them with affiliates. But i’ll offer 1k neos to every person who signs up to BitGold on top of the $10 they give you for signing up with them.

Infernopool has recently gotten an affiliate account with BitGold. So the referrals are helping pay for server costs and put a bit of extra money in my own pocket since i am currently not working in RL.

Bitgold is a new service that allows you to buy and spend gold, so after you’ve signed up you can start referring others. They are a new company based in Toronto. That just recently had some large funding rounds.