Infernoman has been scammed out of 20K Neos


Hey folks,

I’m livid as I type this because for those of you that know Aj, he does a LOT for Neos and is an all-around great guy who’ll drop what he’s doing to help and look into new ways to support Neos. He built the IRC tipbot, our multipool, and puts together a lot of our contests and giveaways. Someone posing as another Neos regular/supporter asked Aj for a loan (with their name swapping an i for a 1 (one)) of 20K and of course he didn’t think twice to say yes. It turns out as you can figure out by now that it’s the same person that’s been going around IRC impersonating other folks in attempt to steal coin from them. If anyone could spare some change I’ve set up a donation address for him: NLuXtamCRgkqpbPeGLS74BWPfmsVM9aFPd This is the first and hopefully last time someone in the community gets robbed like this. We’ve been doing our best for months on end now to prevent this as there’s been a heavy increase in this type of activity.




Sorry to heard that bro. I’ll send something soon.

Edit Adding txid


One of the last people that deserves to get scammed. Sending 800 NEOS to cover some of the loss. Thanks for all that you do AJ.

TXID: f0faad1d1b5e9234ded4c8dd82cb20deab4b7e59f30c4c1b23b740e829862d89


Hey guys… looks like after a long night of working on the pool, and a combination of tiny font and a little sleep. I sent it out without noticing. =/ usually their english is bad enough to a point where it is more than recognizable that its not the right user contacting you. But I did get fooled during a serious of unfortunate events -_- I’ll put out a thank you now, and make sure to thank each user that puts anything toward this at all. As you guys know I’m normally good for catching this before it happens and even help in trying to prevent it in happening to other users. But I hope they feed their damned family with it or something and it doesn’t go to waste on some stupid shit.


Thank you phark. This has been an unlucky week for me this week. I feel like a fool for falling for the damn IRC tricks.

And thank you wigitgetit. All of the support is greatly appreciated from everyone.

For anyone who wants the IP of the user who did it.
it returns to an ISP in poland. None of the 65,535 ports for this ip are open from what i can tell


Infernoman, I think it’s not possible to be active in Crypto and not to lose some money to some parasites sooner or later. Write it off and thanks for all what you do for Neos!


Thank you tempus and yes there seems to be alot of crap in crypto. but i’ve been around crypto for over a year now and this is the first occurrence thankfully.


Guys, this really sucks, but please understand, whenever you propose to send any form of money to anyone (or receive it in return for goods), make sure you verify exactly who you are dealing with and what the terms are, otherwise, all bets are off.

I used to sell used high-end audio gear via the internet and scams were common. A critical part of every transaction was verifying the legitimacy of the buyer. I received bogus bank cashier’s checks, bogus USPS Money Orders, a bogus bank wire statement, plus there were various gambits I was fortunate enough to either circumvent up front or not be approached with.

The world contains no dearth of dishonest people and the non-reversible nature of cryptocurrency payment provides a great opportunity for them to make hay! If a transaction is proposed, then find an alternative means to verify the particulars (email? Phone?) – don’t take it on faith! I’ve called many a foreign bank in the past to verify a received Bank Check was good! Trust is great, but there’s just nothing like verification (not that there’s ever a guarantee, it’s a question of pushing the probabilities as far as practical in favor of an honest transaction)!


I’d like to express just how proud I am and lucky to have you all as a part of this community. The 20K was sent back to AJ (txID: 4a83b7f0358900b646e561f9c4e1e582638f28a6d81320eb013fa0985d6af040) not but a day later. THIS is what Neos is about and why I’ve always said we’re a success. Our community reflects the true spirit, definition and meaning of community. Do we need a 1M market cap? Sure it would be nice, and we might even get there. However, I wouldn’t trade what we have here any day for any amount of funds albeit crypto or other. Thank you all very much once again for coming together.




I completely agree with syntaks here, Today we went through a banning spree and believe we found the culprit that has been bothing people. So I hope this doesnt happen again to anyone else, theres a few different users watching for him now and trying to keep track of him.

Again thank you to EVERYONE who helped me get back the neos I lost. Even though it was out of stupidity the community came together to help me, and I’m very thankful for that


It’s not “stupidity” if you don’t fully appreciate the dangers and ways to minimize them! Until one gets smacked hard across the face (happened to me more than once – so much for my idealism), it’s hard to fully appreciate the crap too many people are willing to pull! Keep cool dude, just be aware!