If we (neos) were to sponsor some type of gaming tournaments


What types of games would you guys/girls be interested in?

Also, if you have an example of what you mean if it isn’t something obvious that would be great ;)…

We are thinking about having some promotions to do with people “gaming” where the winners can basically win some neos


I would still like to see a weekly NFL pick pool, but I know with the team names there might be some difficulty.


Good idea Joe and I didn’t forget this was something you’ve mentioned in the past, but in this case he’s referring to video games =). Example: tf2

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Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying.


well… to be fair not just ‘video games’ i mean… a fantasy football is a ‘game’


Would anyone be interested in fantasy basketball?


fantasy sports are pretty popular… so even if it isnt people reading this forum i’m sure people would be interested


I’d be interested in hockey…


NCAA bracket? -------


Any of the fantasy sport games would be cool, but what about like videogaming stuff, CAL (cyber athletic league) tournaments. Getting Gamer nerds to adopt could be an easier task to adopt to Neos than - jocks… Meh… I like both but really i could see even sponsering a team and thier tag be neos. If ya think about it thats how nascar, formula 1, all professional sports work now so why not make NEOS more so in the digital world? Where most gamers already exist any way.


We could explore both but I’m more the digital type myself too =)


I suppose poker would be straightforward.


I’m a huuuuuuuge fan of poker personally but I haven’t found decent software out there yet for it other than one that seemed ok but ran on Windows. Any suggestions? I’ll look into 'em =).

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